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Food Guide Pyramid: New and Improved
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BABY06066's Photo Posts: 351
7/28/11 9:36 P

It's been great to read the tips already on here. One I didn't see is If you use the computer a lot (which you probably do if you are on this site) you can earn some gift cards through this site.

You can get emails sent to you and you get 5 points for just opening them, clicking a button, and then deleting. It takes me like 5 minutes once a week and I get a lot of points from this.

You can answer surveys and make more points that way. I don't have time for them very often these days, but it's an option.

You can print grocery coupons from the site. You get points for printing them and points again for the ones you end up redeeming.

You can download a search toolbar for your browser and get points every time you search for something on the internet (using that toolbar of course).

Many online stores work with MyPoints and if you get to their site through MyPoints instead of going directly there you can get points for your purchases.

The points can be redeemed for gift cards to tons of places or for Visa gift cards (aka cash). I save mine up throughout the year and it helps a lot at xmas time. Sometimes I've redeemed before xmas to help out with a big ticket item we needed at home (getting a lowe's or amazon gift card to offset the cost of the purchase)

SavingStar is a new website that loads coupons directly onto your card (grocery store, drugstore, etc). There aren't a TON of coupons yet but they update once a month so it only takes a second to add what you might use onto your card. Then when you buy those products you get the coupon amount credited in an account. Once you pass $5 you can turn it in for amazon gift cards. It's good for things you already buy - like this month we used a juicy juice coupon and one for salt. It's totally OK to use a regular coupon on the same item as well.

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