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June 2010



October Babyfit Challenge!

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10/29/10 8:40 A

My BabyPage

Suggestions from one of the magazines I read: Endangered Species All-Natural Milk Chocolate Treats (, St. Claire's Organics Naturally Sweet Tart Candy (Vegan and allergy free;, Treat Size EnvirKidz Peanut Choco Drizzle Crispy Rice Bars (gluten-free and whole grain; I am vegan, so it makes it easy to avoid most of the candy my daughter brings home!

"The best mommy in the whole wide world" So says the 3 yr old who wants something! - Jackie

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BABYRICKS1's Photo Posts: 131
10/29/09 8:54 A

My BabyPage

I am going to a neighbors party and I am hoping I can stay away from the candy. My son also has a party at daycare on Friday and I know he will come home with candy and I will "Share" it. Another idea for a treat is temporary tattoos, kids usually love those. I included those with dum dums in my sons treats for the class.

Baby #2 on the way and chasing #1 all over the place.

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MOMJOY's Photo Posts: 275
10/26/09 11:31 A

Ohhh, I like the sticker/toy idea... much better than candy.

Yes I am one of those mommas that 'shares' the kids candy....


Me: 36 DH: 40

"Children are a reward from the Lord"

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SHIROOSH's Photo Posts: 31
10/22/09 1:21 P

My BabyPage

I give out stickers..... lol, most kids sort of prefer it, the ones that dont can always trade it for candy later

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13yr 1mo

LOLAGEEK's Photo Posts: 745
10/16/09 2:54 P

My BabyPage

I saw this slideshow of recipes on and figured it would fit in with this post if people are seriously craving sweet things. It is for Treats that Won't Trick Your Diet.

I gave in, I am baby blogging:

My Children:

5yr 5mo

MEG_BABY2's Photo Posts: 681
10/15/09 11:11 P

My BabyPage

Fortunately sweet things are not on the top of my list so far this pregnancy in fact the thought of cookies and junk kind of makes me sick! I do however have a soft spot for pumpkin pie and my recipe is very unhealthy. I plan to revamp the recipe and make it healthier without losing the taste!

We can't wait to meet you Matilda Rose!

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LIZ1115's Photo Posts: 9
10/12/09 8:08 A

My BabyPage

I bought a bag of the little toy mix and some of the popcorn balls and made little goodie bags for the kids. They get so much candy at all the other house they will never remember which house gave them what. Also its always nice to get different stuff.

Ethan 3 1/2

BABYFIT_2009's Photo Posts: 257
10/11/09 8:06 P

I plan on giving out the little pretzel packs cause I know if I have chocolate in the house, I will eat it.

Beautiful Baby Girl! 6/2/10

LOLAGEEK's Photo Posts: 745
10/11/09 7:54 P

My BabyPage

Good luck with the challenge. Another option is to be "that house" that doesn't give away candy, thus don't have it in your home. I saw an end cap display at Target that had a variety of pencils, erasers, parachute soldiers, etc. to give out in lieu of candy.

I gave in, I am baby blogging:

My Children:

5yr 5mo

JHPLUS2's Photo Posts: 790
10/11/09 11:41 A

My BabyPage

Healthier Halloween Challenge

Is your home about to be inundated with candy? Will your children attend Halloween parties where lots of sweet treats will be served? Do you struggle to limit the amount of refined sugar you eat?

Many of us struggle to balance the enjoyment of the holidays with healthy eating. To make it even harder, supermarket shelves favor sugary foods and soon neighbor children will be wandering the streets with pillowcase full of the stuff. It can feel like an attack on all fronts!

To put this in perspective, the American Heart Association suggests that added sugar should be limited to 6-7 percent of your total calories--or less. The BabyFit Challenge for October is to come up with a plan to reduce refined sugar and have a healthier Halloween. If this is an area that you’d like to work on, then this challenge is for you. Pick one way your family will have a healthier Halloween.

Not sure where to start? Try some of these suggestions:

1. Avoid high sugar and high fat treats give away healthy snacks.
BOOtiful Halloween Treats or No Tricks! Just Healthier Halloween Treats or Be Choosy about Chocolate

2. Limit the amount of candy in your home. Allow kids to have one piece per day, keep as many as pieces as their age in years, or pick a set amount and give away the rest, etc. In some towns some health care professionals (like dentists) will buy your children's candy by the pound so look into creative ways to dispose of it.

3. Bake healthy homemade treats. Pumpkin Pack More Than Just Fun! or Our Best Halloween Party Recipes

Each month, the BabyFit Monthly Challenge Team chooses a topic that is designed to help you focus on yourself as a woman and a mother, while helping you achieve goals that benefit you and your loved ones.

Throughout the month, share your stories, experiences and resources with fellow team members. Whether you are trying to conceive, awaiting your baby's arrival or raising your kids, participating helps you stay connected with BabyFit staff and community members who have been through it before and with others who can draw on you for ideas too.

Participating in the Challenge is easy! Simply join the BabyFit Monthly Challenge MommyTeam and post one way you’ll have a healthier Halloween in the Healthier Halloween - Share Your Plan - Reply Here post. Share your plan by October 31, 2009. Review the official rules here.

Don’t be a slave to sugar this month. Make wise choices and enjoy a healthy Halloween with your family.

~Heather~ 30
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