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May 2010



*~* Birth Stories *~*

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CZUBBYMOMMY's Photo Posts: 1173
8/25/10 5:00 P

My BabyPage

With all the Mommy brain going on, I forgot to post my baby story!

Contractions started on Friday, May 28th. They were consistent 4-5 minutes apart until about 5pm and then they spaced out and stopped completely. I was SOOO bummed! Saturday I woke up and wasn't feeling anything so I went about my day as usual. We drove 45 minutes to my aunt's BBQ and they started coming about 15 minutes apart.. I just ignored them because I figured they would just do what they had done the day before. We ate and went swimming and then headed home. I was still having cxs at the same consistency but they were starting to get my attention more. We stopped at Walmart on the way home and by then they were 8-10 minutes apart and we had to cut the trip short because I was uncomfortable walking. I ended up going into the hospital Saturday night/Sunday morning around 12 with cx coming 4-5 minutes apart. They checked me, I was at 1cm and "soft" so they had me stay to see how things progressed. By 2 on Sunday afternoon I was 3cm, 75% effaced, baby at -2 station. I was miserable in the hospital and insanely emotional from being in pain and not really progressing. My midwife gave me the option to go home and labor some more at home and come back when I felt I couldn't take it anymore.. I took it, it was beautiful outside and figured if nothing else I'll get some fresh air.

We came home, I labored for 5 hours and then I couldn't take it anymore. CX were coming hard and strong. I got to the hospital and walked around there for 2 hours and got checked. 6cm, 75% effaced, baby was at -3 station, baby was posterior. They gave me pitocin around 10pm to speed things up because i was EXHAUSTED after having contractions for SO LONG. This upset me because I knew it was going to make the pain worse and I felt that I was already at my wits end and I didn't want to cave and take the epi! They put me in the tub at that point. I got in squatting leaning forward, hoping to change the baby's position since she was still high up. DH was outside of the tub in front of me (on a birthing ball LOL), holding me in a hug. The pit was horrible! The contractions were coming back to back on top of each other for 4 hours! I was so exhausted that I was falling asleep for 30 seconds between contractions. DH kept telling me how great I was doing despite my crying and saying, "I can't do it, I can't do it!" And my MIL & FIL were in the hospital praying for me from the waiting room. My MIL kept coming in to check on me. I don't have a relationship with my mom so it was nice to have her around.

Around 1/1:15am I felt the urge to push., so my midwife (who was sitting on the bed KNITTING!! lol) checked me and gave me the go ahead to start pushing. My MIL had walked in around that time to check up on me, she knelt down by the tub to pray with/for me and I grabbed her arm while pushing and asked her to stay with me. After 30 minutes or so of pushing my little peanut was born. I remember looking down at her face and saying, "Hi beautiful girl, it's your Mommy!" Then I just kept repeating "Hi Beautiful!" and telling DH to look at her even though he already was! I was so filled with emotion that I was sobbing with a smile on my face but no tears were coming out of my eyes! My water hadn't broken until 2 pushes before the baby was born.. which is why I think her head wasn't cone shaped and she didn't look like she had just been through the ringer, she didn't have time to be smushed and molded in the birth canal. She was posterior and wedged in my hip until this point as well. My placenta was delivered about 15 -30 minutes after the baby and I didn't have to push it out. I stood up out of the tub at this point and realized there were 5 nurses in the room oooohing and aaahing over my baby. They all kept telling me how beautiful her birth was and how pretty she was! :) Ariella was born at 1:43am weighing 7lbs. 5ozs. and 19" long. She scored a 9 on her apgar (they only did it once).

Once I got out of the tub, they put the baby on my chest with warming blankets and stiched up my tears. I had 3 small ones in different places. Then we laid there for a little while, DH fell asleep next to me in the bed and I had the baby on my chest. They weighed her and then my FIL & MIL came in to see us. He was so excited and said, "We've been waiting so long for you!" I think he cried when he saw her. Funny side note: The whole time he was in the waiting room he was drinking a grape soda with the name PUSH! LOL.. I kept the label and I'm going to put it in the baby's scrapbook!

Labor and delivery truly was HARD WORK, they don't call it labor for nothing! But I did it the way I wanted: in the water, all natural, no pain meds, with my hubby there through it all! It really was a beautiful experience (even with all the pain!) I remember saying to DH later that morning, "I can't believe we did it. We did it the way we planned and it was beautiful.. I can't believe that little girl is ours."


Ariella Sophia
5.31.2010 * 7lbs. 5ozs. * 19" long

Baby #2 due in May 2012

"For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13

My Children:

Ariella Sophia
5yr 6mo

VALENTINE_BABY's Photo Posts: 161
7/9/10 11:29 P

My BabyPage

I don't have much of a story, but here goes:

I was due the last week of April but had hoped to go into spontaneous labor so that I could try for a VBAC. I set my c-section date for May 1, at 41 weeks with the hope that I would go into labor on my own sooner than that.

That didn't happen, so my c-section was scheduled for Saturday May 1. I arrived at 6 am like the hospital told me to. We were there for 2 hours doing pre-op stuff. I thought that would give me too much time to get nervous but I never did--it was a busy two hours. We didn't know what we were having so I was just plain excited to find out if we had a boy or a girl!! We got started a little late and Rex was born at 8:51 am. Healthy boy---9 lbs 3 oz, 22" long (smaller than my first DS).

A scheduled c-section was infinitely easier than having one after laboring for 28 hours. It was smoothe, unrushed, and dare I say ENJOYABLE?!

The second night after surgery was the worst---pain got out of control but once they changed me from vicodin to percocet I felt better.

I'm a little sad that after having two c-sections I will never again be a candidate for a VBAC and I feel a little left out that I won't be able to experience birth the "normal" way.

But I have two healthy boys and I'm so thankful.

John David
9 lbs 12 oz

9 lbs 3 oz

My Children:

5yr 6mo

John David
7yr 9mo

TEACH2183's Photo Posts: 355
6/28/10 8:06 A

My BabyPage

I guess the birth story starts Thursday night, when I noticed some blood. When I noticed some more on Friday, I called Dr Hering to see if he was concerned. He asked me to come in to the office to check on where things were at. So I called Jon to come home from work and our neighbor Jennifer to watch Carolyn. Around 2:15 I headed to the doctor. We were seen until close to 4pm. Dr Hering found that there hadn’t been any additional progress, but stripped the membranes to help get things going. That was painful, but fine once he was done.

On Saturday I had cramping mostly all day. I continued to notice some bloody discharge, but assumed that was due to the internal and membrane stripping. The cramping seemed to get worse throughout the day. Jon went to the store to get some things to start our garden after putting Carolyn to bed. While he was gone, I decided to fold the baby clothes we had just washed. The cramping was definitely getting worse, but mostly just a constant uncomfortable feeling. Around 8:30 I decided to lay down. At 9 I noticed a severe cramp that was coming and going, but happening every 12 minutes. I took some Tylenol in hopes to make it go away, since I was pretty sure it wasn’t labor but just the same cramping I’d been experiencing for weeks.

Around 11, the cramping still hadn’t gone away and the severe pain had moved to every 10 minutes. Still hoping to make it go away, I decided to take a hot shower. Once the hot water hit me, the severe pain moved to every 3-4 minutes. I still wasn’t sure if it was labor. After getting dressed, I decided to attempt to time the contractions. While pulling up the program online, I started to feel nauseous and ran to the bathroom. I didn’t throw up, but decided either way it was time to call. I was in too much pain to talk, so I had Jon talk to the after hours secretary. Dr Hering called back in minutes and told us to go to labor and delivery. So we called Michele to sit with Carolyn and Jon’s parents for the rest of the night. At this point it was about 11:30. While waiting for Michele, I ended up throwing up a few times and the pain seemed to be getting worse. Even though she was only 15 minutes away, I couldn’t wait for her to arrive. I went outside and sat on the stoop. The cool air felt nice, but the pain was still really bad. So I tried the slow dance position with Jon and that felt a little better. Once Michele said she was in the neighborhood, we took off.

On the way to the hospital the pain was really bad. I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. When we pulled up to the ER entrance, Jon jumped out to get a wheelchair and as I waited, my water broke. Luckily there was an attendant outside and he helped unfold he wheelchair and get me inside. The pressure I was feeling was pretty big and I was starting to resist pushing. The ER staff wanted me to sign something and I told them I couldn’t, so I gave verbal permission for treatment. They rushed me upstairs and into a room. I lunged from the wheelchair to the bed, dragging off my pants and underwear. I was told my Dr wasn’t there yet, but he would be shortly. They tried to get a heartbeat from the baby, but gave up shortly upon discovering that I was already 10cm and fully effaced. Nurses scrambled to get everything set up, and Jon noticed the head crowning. A midwife was brought into the room to deliver the baby since Dr Hering still wasn’t there. James came out in just a few short pushes. Five minutes later my Dr walked in, surprised to find James already born, but he finished up the rest. Another fast delivery without an epidural! James received an apgar score of 9 and has taken to nursing like a champ.

My Children:

5yr 6mo

7yr 7mo

LEMONIE23's Photo Posts: 387
6/27/10 11:43 P

Makiyah Esther’s Birth Story (born in the car after 4hrs of labor!)40wks, 6d

May 29th: DH and I spent a relaxing day visiting the farmers market and then spent the evening fishing and playing with the dogs at the park. We fell asleep around 1am after DH gave my belly a little “pep talk/eviction notice” and tried some nipple stimulation (he took this job very seriously). I had a few minor BH contractions but nothing more than what I had been experiencing.
May 30th, 2010: I woke up at 3:52am to go to the bathroom and as I rolled over I felt a slight trickle. Thinking I had just wet myself a bit I went back to bed but had some minor cramping and couldn’t go back to sleep. I was thinking it was due to something I ate the night before. At 4:30am I got up to get some water and tried relaxing by using my chair massager and listening to my hypnobirthing on my Ipod. By 4:45am I started to realize that as the cramps were getting more regular that I might actually be in labor. About 5:20am I moved to the couch and layed on my side to get comfortable and focus on my hypnobirthing scripts and breathing while timing the surges on and they were already 5-6min apart but still very mild. Throughout each surge from here on I kept repeating to myself “relax, release and open”. I went to the bathroom again at 5:40am and had a lot of bloody show. Now the surges were getting a bit more intense and were about 4min apart. At this point I probably should have woke DH up so we could head in, but all I could think about was all the stories I had heard of women being 2-3min apart for hours. I was also worried about getting to the hospital too early, having labor stall and risking unnecessary medical interventions when we were wanting a completely natural birth. I decided to take a bath to relax and the warm water felt heavenly. I used the guest bathroom so as not to wake DH as I was still thinking I would be in labor all day (I was expecting the usual 12+hrs for a first-timer) and wanted him to be rested for when I needed him. After about an hour in the tub surges were consistently 2-3 minutes apart and lasting a minute and I felt I had to focus through each one. I went in to wake DH at 7am and asked him, “Do you want to have a baby today because I think it’s time.” He woke up very excited and a bit shocked, especially when I told him surges were getting close and I needed to call our midwife and head in soon. So I wait for another surge to pass and called our midwife to let her know they were 2-3min apart and had been for about 1 ½ hrs and getting more intense. She asked if I was thinking of heading to the hospital and told me that I would know if it was time and to just keep her posted. Again, I was talking to her between surges and was totally relaxed and we were both thinking I had plenty of time. So I told DH I was going to take a quick shower and asked him to take care of the pets and finish packing the hospital bag. By this time I felt myself get really excited and tense up and decided to start some low humming to relax. About 7:25am I was having to stop and focus through each surge and my humming was getting really loud towards the peaks and I realized that I was starting to push (which felt amazing!). DH was trying to get everything together and stopping occasionally to massage my lower back (which also felt amazing!). He called our midwife back to let her know we would be heading out the door soon. He was trying to remain calm as well but was really worried after seeing and hearing how close and intense each surge was. We both laugh about how I only told him to “shut-up” twice as he was asking me questions in the middle of a surge and telling me “hun, we’ve gotta go!”. Like, yah, I know but I can only move so fast. So he throws everything in the car and comes in to help get me moving and I tell him to grab a chux pad for the seat just in case my water breaks (I still have no clue when that actually happened). It took me almost another 3min to get in the car and it didn’t even occur to me to try to sit anywhere but the front seat, but sitting forward seemed very uncomfortable at this point so I sat backward hugging the headrest and squatting. So we pull out of the driveway at 7:40am for our 45min drive to the hospital and I hear DH say, “Oh crap! We need gas!” But we both knew we would be driving on fumes because there was no way we were stopping.

Now the surges were so close together that I was completely unaware of anything around me except for DH occasionally trying to rub my back as my humming got louder. I was also using the “horse-lips” technique that I had learned (the idea that if your jaw is relaxed than the rest of you will be relaxed too). All of a sudden I felt the most intense urge to push and couldn’t believe it but felt the baby in the birth canal and moving down. Just as DH was getting ready to get off the expressway at our exit (still 15min from the hospital) I say “I’m pushing!” and rip down my pants (luckily still having on a long maternity shirt) and feel her head and yell “there’s her head!”. I would’ve loved to snap a picture of DH’s face at this point as he shouts, “WHAT?!” and looks over at me holding her head and then back to his eyes on the road. I relaxed for about a minute just massaging her head and on the next surge push her shoulders and the rest of her out at 8:01am. I quickly grab her, turn around in the seat (at which point the chux pad slides to the floor- yuck!) and tuck her under my shirt to keep warm. DH asks, “Should I pull over, what do I do?” I clear her mouth and nose, look into those beautiful alert eyes, see her perfect pink color and hear her first little cries and tell him we’re both fine and to just keep driving (knowing pulling over would bring more risk of infection and there was no point in waiting for an ambulance). DH calls our midwife to let her know the baby was just born in the car and asks her advice. She told us she was on her way and we should tie off the umbilical cord if we could. It was still pulsating and we had nothing sanitary enough to do that so we just kept driving. We then managed to hit every stop light and DH reached over at one point to touch the umbilical cord and said it was the weirdest thing ever.
We pulled up to the hospital and were about to head into the normal door for delivery (which we should’ve since we were fine) but decided to drive around back to the ER. DH calmly but quickly hustles in and tells the staff, “My wife just had the baby in the car.” A whole team gathers and runs out with a bed to get us. I was still feeling really great and felt I could’ve just walked in with the cord still dangling between my legs but they made me get on the bed and wheeled me in with warm blankets over us. At this point, I’m feeling a lot of anxiety in trying to remember to voice all our care plans for the baby and am flooded with thoughts of why I wanted a home birth in the first place. Once in the room, they cut the cord and took her from under my shirt to the nearby warming table to finish clearing her nose and mouth and look her over (I wish I would have remembered to make them leave her on my chest & start nursing). She weighed in at 6lbs 15oz and measured 20in long with her daddy’s brown hair and dark bluish-gray eyes (that I think will turn brown like her daddy’s too). This upset her a bit and her breathing started sounding raspy. They figured she had just swallowed a little too much fluid and needed to take her to the nursery. They bundled her up and DH brought her over to show me and then carried her to the nursery (we had agreed that if she needed to go anywhere he would stay with her). My midwife had arrived in the midst of all of this and helped me deliver the placenta and stitch up a 1st degree tear. Both of those were incredibly uncomfortable and I attribute that to the fact that she was not on my chest and nursing like she should have been. I was able to get up and use the bathroom right away and then they wheeled me over to our postpartum suite (I wanted to walk but they wouldn’t let me). Makiyah was diagnosed with laryngiomalacia which is a weak flap on her voice box. This would cause her airway to start closing up when she would get upset. After 2 days in the NICU & 4peds & 2 specialists later, they all told us the same thing- that there was nothing they needed to do and she would just grow out of it (eye roll!). She was already dramatically improved by the 2nd day and we were so glad to have her home!

She was named Makiyah after the minor prophet in the Bible (Micaiah) meaning "One who is like God" and Esther after her great-grandma who passed away.

DH & I married 6/17/06
Our fur-kids are all rescues!
We also have 3 tarantulas:
Fluffy, Morpheus, Trinity

Makiyah Esther born 5/30/10 (40wks6d) @ 8:01am in the front seat of the car after 4hrs of labor! 6lbs 15oz, 20in and perfect!

Proud to be a: natural birthing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, baby-wearing, delayed/selective vaxing, God-fearing mommy!

My Children:

Makiyah Esther
5yr 6mo

Rhamses (dog)
8yr 4mo

Zhara (dog)
9yr 1mo

Samson (cat)
9yr 2mo

Zaccheus (cat)
9yr 2mo

Melanie (Me)
32yr 8mo

DH- Nick
34yr 2mo

HMR809's Photo Posts: 1307
6/27/10 5:27 P

My BabyPage

Well, it's taken me long enough, but here goes.

Eli Paxton was born May 6, 2010 by induction. He came into this world at 8lbs and 5oz, 20.5 in long. We went into the hospital at 8:30 am and they started me on the pitocin drip. Dr came in and broke my water shortly after. They came in regular and upped my doses of pitocin. Around noon, contractions were bad enough that I asked for the epidural. By the time they gave me the epi and it took the edge off, I started feeling intense pressure and need to push. They had me hold off until 2pm and then they let me push. At 2:39, Eli was born. He had a short cord so they couldn't put him on my chest. He is perfect and precious! We stayed in the hospital 2 nights and came home to go back in another day to stay 2 more nights for his jaundice. :) All is well and we love him so much :)


#1 Eli Paxton, EDD May 11, 2010, Born May 6, 2010.

#2 ?, EDD July 16, 2011

My Children:

Eli Paxton
5yr 6mo

Littlest Cong Due 7/16/11

Posts: 22
6/18/10 11:43 A

My BabyPage

Tyler's birth story.

My son Tyler was due on May 4th, but at work on Monday, March 29th, my water broke. When I realized what was happening, I started to cry because I was afraid my baby was not ready to enter the world.

Because he was one day shy of being 35 weeks, the hospital life-flighted me to a hospital that was 45 minutes away and well-known for its prediatric facility.

I was in labor for 19 hours and only dilated to 4 cm. At that time, they decided to do a c-section.

What should have been a standard procedure, ended up being scary. I ended up hemorraging and my uterus would not decrease in size. I don't remember much after they said "It's a boy," because I lost consciousness and doctors almost had to do an emergency hysterectomy. (I'm 31 and had no complications during the pregnancy, nor was I ever pregnant before).

Doctors had to insert a balloon to keep my uterus expanded and slowly removed liquid from the balloon every 2 hours for the uterus to return to a healthy state. If this procedure did not work, I would definitely have to have a hysterectomy.

I ended up being very sick to my stomach which was not fun with the incision and was filled with so many fluids and IV's I wanted to scream.

Luckily, though, after 6 days in the hospital, I was able to leave and Tyler, my son, never had to go into the NICU despite his early arrival.

He was born on March 30th (at exactly 35 weeks) and was 6 lbs., 7 oz. and completely healthy.

We are blessed.


HJELLEBEANERS's Photo Posts: 6
6/16/10 9:56 P

My BabyPage

At my 35 week appointment on April 29th I was dialated to 1cm 50% effaced and head down. We also had an ultrasound that day which put our lil punkin at about 6 and a half pounds.

36 week appointment on the 4th of May I was 3cm dialated and 55% effaced. So excited, I thought this isn't gonna be long. Maybe even this week! I started sitting on my exercise ball, walking excessivly, eating pineapple, spicy foods, you know-all the old wives tales.

37 week appointment on May 11th I was STILL 3cm dialated and MAYBE 60% effaced. I walked out of there crying. But deep down I knew that she would come when SHE was ready, not when I was ready.

38 week appointment on May 18th I was 4cms. Wahoo for change, but NOT enough. Doc sent me over to the hospital to be monitored. That was a FUN experience with 2 kids under 4 in a L&D suite! Thank God for my mommy being there to help! At the end of it all I was still 4 cm, So they sent me home. The doctor didn't want me to go all week/end with out being checked so I scheduled an appointment for Friday.

Friday May 22, 2010.

Dropped the younger kids off in Britt at my moms. Arranged for the older boys to get a ride from my grandma to my moms (they got out of school early). Headed over to my appointment. Ben got off work early so he was able to be there with me. We stopped at Subway (Romantic I know) but it was probably the best meal. Just him and I.

My appointment revealed I was 5-6cm and about 80% effaced. Today was the day! My doctors son was graduating however at 6 so she would be gone from about 5:45 til 8ish. But, it all worked out since I needed antibiotics.

We got over to the hospital, got my IV, found out that since I am allergic to Penicilin I had to have a different antibiotic that needed 8 hours in between instead of just 4. The wait was on. Started the first dose at 2:30, was done by 3. Ben went to Hy-Vee to get him some soda and snacks. He came back with the most amazingly beautiful pink roses. We both cried.

Passed the time with facebook and watching tv. Around 6:30 I started having what I thought was just gas pains or Marissa moving. They were contractions. My body did it. I was going into labor on my own!

Around 7:30 I KNEW they were contractions and was starting to get really uncomfortable. The doctor was still gone. But, they were around 6-7 minutes apart still. I wasn't worried. They didn't hurt THAT bad afterall.

At 8 when the doctor SAID she would be back, she still wasn't. I half joking with the nurse scolded her for being late. She arrived back around 8:15. She didn't want to check me or anything as to not stir anything up before my 2nd dose of antibiotics. Those were scheduled to be given at 10:30. They COULD go in at 9:30 if they HAD to.

Around 8:30 they asked if I wanted to walk, get on the ball, or try the jacuzzi tub. I said HELL YEAH, lets get in the tub! The contractions were there, but still not HORRIBLE yet. The nurse started the water...this is when all hell broke loose...but NOT because of me! HA! They had to perform an emergency C-Section downstairs. So, while getting ready for that, I was kinda pushed by the way side. I understand though. It was an emergency. I ended up in the tub around 8:45.

The jacuzzi was amazing. I stayed in there for about an hour. The only bad thing was with my saline lock I couldn't get my hand wet so I had to prop one arm up, that got uncomfortable after a while. I can't even explain in words how amazing the jets/hot water felt during contractions! I would have stayed in there forever but...I vomited. The nurses helped me out and I couldn't stand/walk. They put me in one of the chairs with wheels and wheeled me to my bed. It was nice just sitting there half reclining so I stayed there for a few contractions. I then screamed I wanted some pain meds. The nurse told me she'd have to check me first to see if she could get me any. I JUMPED back in bed and she checked. Still an 8. Doctor Tull was in the C-Section so the nurse would ask the backup doctor. Yea, well he didn't really want to deliver a baby. And his thoughts were if my body relaxed ANY that she would just fly no pain meds.

My doctor finally came back around 11pm. She was nice enough to give me drugs! I ended up with 4 doses of 5mL of Nubain. She says she would rather have a "sleepy baby" than a mom who can't finish their labor/birth because of pain. The meds worked well enough, for about a half hour each dose. I'm not sure exactly HOW I got through the contractions but I did. My main focus was KNOWING that the contraction was comming down. As I was in the brink of each contraction I would scream at the nurse or Ben (whichever one my head was turned to) to see what the monitor was showing. They kinda looked at eachother out of fear a few times. And a few times they wouldn't tell me.

Midnight I felt the urge to push so I told the doctor-she checked me. I was 9 and 3/4ths. Her head was still RIGHT under the bone. As soon as her head would move she would be out doctor said. The nurses scrambled. Doc got dressed and was ready to catch. I was tensed up trying NOT to push so the nurses could get their stuff ready.

12:05am with not even one push Marissa Kay kinda just fell out. She was screaming and wonderful. Her apgars were 9 and 10. Weight was 7 pounds 0.4 ounces, length of 19 inches.

I started to hemorrhage and my placenta wouldn't detach. There were talks of a possible blood transfusion or a possible hysterectomy. I was scared to death. Knowing the medical stuff I do, not even the medical terms they were throwing around hid what was going on. Within the next half hour I had 2 bags of Pitocin running wide open and a shot of methergine. At one count (Ben's count) there were 13 nurses and 1 doctor working on me. They finally got the bleeding stopped and my placenta to deliver, but I have been really tired, weak, and had numb feeling since.

Because of the pain meds I had, she didn't really want to nurse well until about 7am. But, thats to be expected. Now she is a champ! I hope she continues to be this good of a champion nurser! Her weight went down a bit on day 2. From 7 pounds 0.4 ounces at birth to 6 pounds 9 ounces on day 2 then back up to 6 pounds 14 ounces on day 3. Her billirubin was 6.7 so thats good. At her 5 day check up she was back up to 7 pounds 2 ounces, and at her 2 week check up she was 7 pounds 11 ounces. (Mommy milk all the way, baby!)

We are now home and loving the craziness that goes with having 5 children!

DRDEBS15's Photo Posts: 31
6/16/10 6:25 P

My BabyPage

Hailey's Birth Story----
Born April 30th
19.75 inches

I was supposed to be induced May 3rd, but Hailey had her own plans and I went into labor the night of the 29th my water broke at 6am on the 30th. Went into hospital in pretty heavy labor suffered for a little bit once I got epidural it was very easy. They did have to give me pictocin to move things along once I pushed for 2 hrs, then the Dr. told me she was going to use the vacuum suction, and if that did not work a c section was next because baby's heart rate was dropping...well freaked me out so I pushed as hard as I could soon after my princess was born. I had a fever, and she could not keep warm. She had to be in NICU for 3 days with and IV in her head so awful, but in the end all was great...she is the love of my life. I am back at work as of monday, and sadly my daughter is already in daycare. Today my Beautiful Hailey is 6 weeks &5 days

My Children:

Hailey Danielle
5yr 7mo

BKMOMTOV's Photo Posts: 196
6/13/10 1:32 P

I already posted this story by itself, forgot to put it in here re-posting.

Vivien's birth story..

I went 11 days past my dd, I was hoping to labor spontaneously but that didn't totally happen so I ended up getting induced.
I went in sat. the 5th at 5pm, with contractions about 5-8 min apart, got the cervidil inserted around 9pm Viv's heart rate was all over the place, way up then super low. They had me lay on my left side that didn't help so they took out the cervidil I had to stay on my left side the whole time I was in labor, (20 hours!) couldn't sleep because my contractions were pretty intense.
5am rolls around I move to a l&d room my contractions are strong but I am still only 1 cm. I get pitocin and with that an epidural. My whole "birth plan" out the window. There was no way I was going to put myself or my baby through the stress that would come with intense contractions every minute. Her heart rate was still up and down, they were worried I may need a cs, So I needed to try and relax. I must say the person who invented the Epidural is genius! my Dr came in at 9 and checked me, I was a 2 cervix way posterior she broke my water and stretched me to a 3. checked me again at 12 still a 3, checked again at 3 still a 3. Had to do an internal monitor because of her hr. then at 430 I was thinking my epidural was not working because I felt every contraction really strong, then that urge to push came out of nowhere. I had dh get my Dr, she came in not expecting me to be ready but I sure was, 3 cm to 10 in an hour and a half! About 5 pushes later my Vivien was born full head of hair and pink within a min!
Although I didn't have my med free birth I was hoping for I am extremely happy how everything turned out. So happy to have avoided a cs, thought my cervix would never cooperate.
Viv is a week old today and we are so in love with her!

Born june 6, 2010, 5:12 pm, 7lbs 8 oz!

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JGUZMAN1631's Photo Posts: 116
6/8/10 12:19 A

Okay so 25 days after I had my son I am finally able to take a minute and sit down to write Edward's birth story. So here it is...

Edward Anthony
18 3/4 inches
8.2 lbs

I went to the doctor for my normal appt on the 7th of May and I was a 2 and 80%. Then every day after I was checked I was having bad contractions for 2-3 hours a day 5 minutes apart but they would always go away. I never went to the hospital cause my doctor said do go until you are having contractions that are stopping you in your tracks.

So on the 12th I just wasnt feeling right. My stomach had been hard and tense all day long and of course the cx were there too. My sister (we work together)finally talked me into calling my doctors office at 3:30 and she told me to go home and count my cx call her back in an hour and tell her how it went. Called her back and I was 3-4 minutes apart lasting a minute each but they werent really hurting, well nothing compared to my first two. She said to go in to the hospital and get checked just to see how I am progressing. Got to the hospital at 6 finally checked me around 7 and I was a 5 and 90%! I couldnt believe it I was already half way done I was still completely calm with barely any pain! they admitted me and an hour later I was a 6. Then it was 3:30am and I had still not progressed (like the last few days my cx had gone away). Then my dr check me again at 4:30 and my water broke when he did. 1 hr later still no change, I asked for pitocin and then got in the bath. around 8 my back started hurting as he came through my hips. At 9 I was a 7 and 100% by 9:15 I was a 9.5 and telling them I needed to push. Started pushing at 9:20 Edward was born at 9:54. His shoulders are really broad and got stuck -that was strenuous pushing- but all was good other than that. No epidural no tearing no crying no screaming all in all perfect. My labor with him was hell but I would go through that birth any day!

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5 wks 6 days
6yr 3mo

Melissa Alixandrea
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10 wks 2 days
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10 wks 2 days
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Isabela Noemi
11yr 9mo

LROWLAN7's Photo Posts: 1346
6/7/10 4:06 P

Kai Rowland
May 27 2010
7lbs 7.5 oz
20 inches
APGARs - 8,9

5 days past my due date and not a single contraction. Then around 5pm, I felt a "pop" followed by a trickle of fluid, but I wasn't sure if my water had actually broken or if I had peed myself. So I did the test where I laid down for 30 minutes and then stood up... sure enough, there was a gush of fluid. So DH and I met up with my inlaws who took my DS and my dogs for the night, and then we headed to the hospital at 7pm.

Triage was full, but my contractions were now coming hard and 5 min apart (it was now 8pm) so they admitted me to a room and confirmed that my water had broken and I was in active labor.

I had an epidural around 9pm, which really helped with the pain and for me to relax.
I dialated to 10 fairly quickly, but because of GBS, they needed the IV in me for 4 hours so they actually slowed my labor for a bit.

Then at 1:15AM, the doctor came in and started getting everything ready for pushing. I was nervous bc w/ DS#1, I pushed for 2 hours. But w/ Kai, I started pushing at 1:25, and 8 pushes later, he was born at 1:33am and perfectly healthy. I was so happy (and starving) and DH was crying tears of joy.

Luckily, I was warned about the first poop after birth, and the hospital provided stool softeners.


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Princess Leia
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4yr 2mo

Luke Skywalker
5yr 6mo

Obi-Wan Kenobi
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5/30/10 9:06 P

My BabyPage

Kendon Michael
May 27, 2010 5:42pm
7 pounds 13.8 oz.
20.25 inches

So, I went in at 5pm for my induction on May 26th. I was admitted and they started the IV pretty much right away....the took a bunch of blood vials (6...3 for the hospital and 3 for CBR for the cord blood banking) and set me up for IV fluids and the GBS antibiotics.

Before the insert she does an initial check(it been a week since my last exam) I was now a finger tip dilated previously I had been a ZERO for 3 weeks, and I maintained the 50-75% effacement with the -1 station. The nurse lets me know that we are going to go ahead and do the cervadil insert...that wasn't much fun...I was warned it was like a tampon...not a piece of scratchy paper being rammed up but anyway we made it through the process and I was to go ahead and have that in for 12 hours and be checked the next morning.

I slept horribly as every time I needed to pee which was every 20 minutes I had to be unhooked from both monitors, the blood pressure cuff, unplug my iv line and make my way to the bathroom...hubby had to help so he didn't get much sleep either lol. So we make it through the restless night and they come in to remove the cervadil and do a check....they check and NO PROGRESS. I tell my husband okay that's it I am going home...he convinces me that I already had taken one dose of the GBS and it would be better to go ahead and make it happen so I agree. The come in shortly and tell me they are going to start the pitocin in units of 2 and I can have a max of 40 units...We start out at 2 units and I start feeling contractions pretty much right away nothing major or anything but I can feel menstrual cramps...Long story short I ended up with 14 units of pitocin that's all it took and from when pitocin started to delivery....8 hours which is remarkable from what the nurses said since it was my first.

I went from a 4 to a 9 in 1 hour..which I guess is also unheard of thank goodness I took action previously. I received an IV pain med combo of stadol/phenergan when I was at a 3 because the contractions were so intense I thought I was going to be sick....after having that for a short bit they came in and checked me again and I was at a 4 and was told I should go ahead and get the epidural because the Anesthesiologist was going into a c-section surgery and I might not be able to get it if I didn't get it then...I agree because I am SERIOUSLY drugged from the IV meds stated above.

The Anesthesiologist comes in and asks my nurse while working on my back have you contacted ER, do they know we are coming...I flip out at this because the way it sounded it was like I was going to the my husband and nurse explained that it wasn't for me he was heading there next. Hes back there working on my Epidural and he just starts complaining and complaining about the epi kit he was working with was crap and the second he left the room he was going to talk to the charge nurse on call and the management and this that and another and the catheter was too flimsy etc. So then he says see this is the perfect example, and he tells us he needs to remove the catheter and start over as it was twisted, so he removes it and starts the process again in another spot!!!! My husband wanted to kick his butt, but it all was fine...I didn't feel anything and I had access to my line to increase the EPI dose should I need it...I did it once while at 9cm because I was feeling tingles and wanted to make sure I didn't feel pain.

So time passes and at 3:15pm I am fully effaced, 10 cm, and 3 station. I am told by the nurse that I am ready but she just got a call that my OB was heading into surgery and I would need to hold off on pushing.....YEAH HOLD OFF! The nurse said not to worry if we needed to deliver the baby she would so not to panic. AT 5:27pm MY OB WALKS IN! 5:27pm!!!! My son was born at 5:42pm if that tells you anything...I pushed a total of 15 minutes! She basically comes in checks me and then comes out all the blue sterile equipment etc.

Her phone rings and rings again and then she says hold on I am going to take this....I'M GOING TO TAKE THIS....WHILE I AM ACTIVELY PUSHING...She then says oh its my husband I will be right back and she LEAVES the ROOM!!!! MY L&D nurse takes over the OB role and hubby takes on the counting...the OB barely returns before my son arrives. I had an internal 1-2 degree tear that did require stitches..well one long stitch and I was starting to feel so she used a lidocaine injection to numb me and sewed me up after the delivery of the placenta which I didn't even have to push out...which was nice!

Kendon was perfect, he did have the cord around his neck loosely once. His initial apgar was an 8 and second check was a 9. He was blue in the hands and feet so that's why he didn't score perfect. He was also born with the newborn pimply rash that most babies get in 24-48 hours but it has since cleared up.

So that's about it...Only other thing that was exciting is once I was in Postpartum I could not pee!!! It was to the point I had to go sooo bad and just could not go so they had to insert a catheter...that was miserable just due to the fact that I had delivered hours earlier and was swollen and with the catheter I filled a large tupperware container...Thank goodness I told her just to do it when I did because I think my bladder would have exploded


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Kendon Michael
5yr 6mo

BKMOMTOV's Photo Posts: 196
5/29/10 3:39 P

Congrats mamas! and emily congrats on drug free birth, I am hoping to do the same. Everytime I read a successful med-free birth story it gives me more confidence. Thanks!

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5/29/10 2:52 P

My BabyPage

Robert's Birth Story

I had my membranes stripped at my 39 week appointment on Wednesday the 19th. After that I only had some increased discharge that ranged from white to pink, but no other labor symptoms that I could pin point. I was really starting to get discouraged but decided that I just needed to relax and focus on my next 40 week appointment where we were going to start talking my induction options.

Sunday May 23rd I woke up at our normal time, in our normal fashion to my almost 3 year old waking me up.=) The only thing that was a little different was that I actually had some energy waking up at 5:45am but was extremely irritable. Around 7am I started having some mild irregular contractions that I put off as false labor. I started cleaning the house and put my DS to an early nap because we were supposed to be going to an BBQ at my parent's house that afternoon. Around 10am I decided that I maybe needed to start timing the contractions because I wasn't sure how regular (if at all) they were. By 10:45am I was still in denial that I was actually in labor and went downstairs to ask DH if we should go to the hospital. I told him that we could just drop DS and our dog at my parents and go in, but I was still scared that this was false labor and they'd send us home.

By the time we left the house and got to my parent's house I was in full-blown labor and knew it was the real deal. The hardest part about this part was putting on a brave face and stuff for DS because me being in pain was really scaring him. We got to L&D at 1:00pm and my DH said to them "We'd like to have a baby please." which was funny at the time, but I was contracting and all I knew was that I was having the WORST back pain in my entire life and I couldn't think of anything more than getting my epideral. They checked me and I was 5cm, 90% effaced with a bulging bag of waters. They quickly took me from triage into a L&D room and then began the process of getting me my epideral. They needed to get blood work from me and get an IV started, but they kept blowing my veins and couldn't get blood from me. They stuck me well over 10 times in each arm. They finally were able to get an IV started in my right arm but DH said it seemed like the anethesiologist was reluctant to give me my epideral because they couldn't get blood work on me and because they had been monitoring me for my blood pressure toward the end DH said it seemed like the guy wasn't too comfortable with doing it. But because I had just had blood work done 2 weeks ago when they had me do some tests I think that was the only thing that got me the epideral. I swear that with DS the back labor I had with him was no where near as INTENSE as it was with this LO.

I finally got my epideral (I don't really remember what time exactly). Then a little while later the midwife on call came in and broke my water. It literally gushed out! And at 4pm they had me pushing. I pushed 3 times and at the end my contractions started to slow and weren't coming like they wanted but the head was already almost out and the midwife made a joke saying that I could just sneeze or laugh the baby out. Then my DH said something really funny that got me to laugh and the head popped out! LOL Then I gave one final tiny push and he came out the rest of the way. DH gets a kick out of the fact that I laughed the baby out!

So baby Robert Vicente Gonzalez was born at 4:20pm (4 1/2 hours of intense labor! ok, well at least until I got my epideral anyway). He weighed 8lbs 8oz and was 21 inches long. He's been a great baby so far! I'm still adjusting to having two babies but it hasn't been too bad.

**CONGRATULATIONS! To everyone!**=)


DS was born on May 30th, 2007 at 8:47am - 4 days early
8 lbs 5 oz and 20.5 inches long
MC 6/20/2009 (5 wks 5 days)
DS #2 was born on May 23rd, 2010 at 4:20pm - 1 day early
8 lbs 8 oz and 21 inches long
Baby Girl #3 born: 9/10/2011 at 10:44am - 2 days late
9lbs 7oz and 21 inches long

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8yr 6mo

208EMILYH's Photo Posts: 747
5/28/10 9:23 P

Great job mamas!

Sam's entrance to the world:
(It's a boy!)after my mother in law was in a car accident Wednesday, my blood pressure went way up, and the baby moved up out of my pelvis, making my cervix anterior again.
So, Thursday my water was broken at 1:15pm and within 10 minutes the cx were getting more intense.
By 2:30 I was at 8 cm and doing good. I hadn't done much other than walk the hospital. When she checked me, I was like, "wow, okay, can I keep walking?" But she said no, because my BP was 149/98. So, I had to stay on the monitors.
At 3:00 the dr. came in and I was surprised, felt like I'd only been in "labor" for a small amount of time, and they were prepping all the baby stuff.
So, at 3:40 ish the baby's heartrate started dropping below 50 during each contraction. It was really scary, I didn't know what to do, and all my concentration was broken I think by having those stinkin' monitors on, I could hear his heart slow down so slow... I wanted to cry. Then I guess my blood pressure must've gone REALLY high because everyone started freaking out.
The dr. said I needed to try to push, even though I didn't feel like pushing yet. THat was hard. With my other 2 kids, I knew when to push, pushing without the urge seemed useless and tiring.
Anyhow, the dr. was great, and once the urge to push actually came, I had to push 3 times and out came little Sam at 4:09 pm (3 HR labor)
The cord was wrapped around his neck once and his body twice, he came right up on my chest and smiled at me, made eye contact and latched onto the breast immediately.
He's amazing, the labor was fast and hard and completely drg free!. I don't remember the crowning hurting like that before... it was worth it though, within a split second of seeing him, I knew it was all worth it. :)
He's perfect, I feel great other than tired today.
We left the hospital at 24 hrs.
So glad he's here :)

Edited by: 208EMILYH at: 5/28/2010 (21:30)


It's a boy! Samuel David came on 5/27/10

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5/24/10 2:59 P

My BabyPage

Here's Anna Kate's Story:

Background: My mom had been at my house for over a week, and my Dad and twin sister arrived Sunday. All of them were driving me crazy with questions about how I was feeling, how close my ctx. were, etc.

I hadn't slept much at all in about a week because whenever I laid down I would start having regular contracions.

I was planning a Hypnobirth, and though it would be a breeze, due to all of the false labor I'd been having.


I sent my parents and DD away on Wednesday morning so I could have some "space" and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned! I started having contractions right away (probably around 10) but they weren't consistent at all.

When they got home, I immediately took DD to McDonalds for a playdate. We ate, then went to the park ran about 4 "laps" to the bathroom and back while playing, then walked the mile around the park before going home. During our "walk" I had very strong contractions, very close together..."too close to be "it"" according to my friend.

I got home, put DD down for her nap, and collapsed on the couch. I had pretty strong, regular contractions (10 min apart), and by 5:00 asked my sister to run me a bath upstairs. (DH had gotten home, but was mowing the lawn) My contractions increased in intensity and shortened to 7, then 5 minutes apart.

I stayed in the tub until 6:30 when the contractions were 5 minutes apart for an hour. Then I called DH up to tell him I was going to call the doctor. He was downstairs "praying for a little more time"-shoving dinner in his face and hoping for time for a shower!

He came upstairs and showered, I stayed in the tub (we have a separate tub/shower) and had 3 really intense contractions. I called the after hours line and had to leave a message. Then I started crying a little because I was afraid we wouldn't make it to the hospital in time.

I got out of the tub, and my OB called back. She sounded like she didn't believe I was in labor, but we talked for only about a minute, so it wasn't long enough for her to her me "talk through" a contraction. I was handling the pain pretty well, but it was definitely "painful" not just the "pressure" I had been feeling when relaxing through all of my false labor. She asked me if I thought this was "it" and somehow, I did...

We got to the hospital around 7:30 (Had to stop at Starbucks for a scone because I hadn't eaten dinner) and all of the rooms were dirty, so the put me in triage (which I expected anyway, but they acted like they were sorry for inconveniencing me...) I was 5 cm and still around 80%. They couldn't get a room for me until 8:30, so they suggested we walk the halls. We did, and I had several contractions that DH and I "danced" front of what felt like tons of "visitors" in the hallways.

They actually got us into a room at about 8:15 and I sat in a chair-it felt great to sit. We went over my birth plan, and she had forms for us to sign, she skipped the epidural form, but I told her to hold on to it, as I might be wanting one. I had a hard time staying relaxed through all the contractions in the hallway! She said I was doing great and didn't think I'd need it, but I wasn't so sure. DH was proud of me for knowing that I had limits (we fought over the whole epi/med free "issue" the whole pregnancy-I told him it was my body, but he would just answer "Well, I know your pain tolerance").

I had asked for a birthing ball, so the nurse brought one and showed me a "different" way to sit on it, with my legs going behind me. I decided to try it. Well, I sat there for about ten seconds and pain just tore through my body. I still don't know what the pain was, exactly...mixture of hip/tailbone/contraction, I think. It took DH, Sister and the nurse to get me up off of the ball, and I repositioned myself the way I sat at home. That felt good for a few contractions. By that point, it was 9:00, and my contractions were coming one right after another. I decided that I should try to rest, and tried to get into the bed. I had the same terrible pain that I'd had on the birthing ball. I tried to get comfortable, but found that leaning on the bed, half dancing with my sister was about the best way for me to get through the contractions. Poor DH could hardly keep his eyes open, and I knew how exhausted he was from worrying about me dealing with my family, plus working/mowing...and I wanted him "ready" when I was closer to delivery, so I let him snooze.

He didn't snooze for long when I decided to try laying down again-but I just couldn't do it, I made it to my side, but the pain was so intense I got nauseous (and had heartburn at the same time, which didn't help at all!-I was definitely thinking of you then!!!). I decided to ask to be checked, and determine whether or not to get an epidural-I just wasn't able to relax in the least, and was getting pretty loud for each contraction. Just getting onto the bed hurt so bad, I ended up just asking for the epidural-I didn't want anyone touching me! So, at 9:26 the anesthesiologist started to put in my epi (I looked at the clock and remember rounding up to 9:30-my last epi took over 45 minutes to get in, plus 7 or 8 "mis-sticks"--talk about pain!)...I screamed out of fear the whole time. I had to push my tailbone back toward him, which hurt terribly, I didn't think I could do it, but I did, and at 9:30 I was laying down getting checked by my OB. I was at an 8 and fully effaced. It took about 3 contractions for the epidural to fully kick in, but I could still move my legs, and the contractions just felt like Braxton hicks. DH continually told me what a good job I had done and how proud of me he was for knowing my limits. I thought I would feel bad about getting an epidural, but I was just so uncomfortable that there was no way around it. In fact, the whole time I was in the hospital, I couldn't lay on my left side (which was how I did ALL of my practicing....oops!) because of this terrible pain. My nurses weren't too concerned, but I'm thinking I might need a chiropractor (or something!) at some point.

At 9:45 I still had plenty of feeling, and my water broke. Oh my goodness...that grossed me out so much. I felt two distinct "pop's" and then water came gushing out. I had to ask for the "bucket" because I was sure I was going to throw up. Every contraction from then on out, I would feel the gush of water. I think the "gross" part to me was how warm it was (and now I'm gagging just thinking about it) I laughed at myself for being such a wuss about amniotic fluid-who would've thought THAT would set me off?!?! I do seriously wonder if I was the only pregnant woman to have such a reaction to her water breaking!!!

Around 10:00 I was told that I'd be checked every hour and a half to see how I was progressing. I was bummed, because that meant I'd be checked at 11:30, and wasn't sure I'd have time to push Anna out before midnight (prior to this point my "goal" was to "get her out" while it was still her due date!) I tried to make my brain stop setting such a "petty" goal for myself that I had no control over, but just "knew" I'd be disappointed if she came out after midnight.

Luckily, I got checked again at 11 and was ready to push. They took my bed apart (I got the stirrups, but didn't really care at that point) and I started pushing at 11:12. Anna was born at 11:39. The pushing was much more difficult than with DD, because I still had some feeling, but mostly I think I was just so tired in the first place. I did want to "give up" several times, but then my goal of midnight became a "good" goal-I had a reason for pushing!

Anna came out with the cord around her neck, and there was questionable meconium in the water as labor progressed, so she went to the nicu team immediately. I was so tired though, I was glad for a minute to rest (how awful does that sound?!?!) I held her about 20 minutes after she was born, and she took to nursing immediately.

I didn't tear, and am recovering very well...I've had a few minor setbacks because, even though there are 3 "extra" adults around, I'm the only one (besides DH-but he's been busy running errands, etc) who will actually DO something about DD not in...pick her up and move her AWAY from whatever it is that is causing a problem!

I actually kicked my parents out today, and while I was a bit nervous about it (DD came down with croup last night) I'm more relaxed than I've been in weeks!

LO sleeps pretty well at night, which is helping! Like another birth story said, I'm not sure it'll last, but I did manage to get 8 hours of sleep (be it interrupted) last night, which is more than I've had in a LONG time!

Sorry this got long-I copied and pasted a lot from an email I sent to my also-due-in-May friend who's not on Babyfit :)

4BOYS1PRINCESS's Photo Posts: 2175
5/23/10 10:49 P

Well, guess I should finally post since I have a little bit of time
As alot of you know I had to have an inversion that lasted a week and was going to have another one done and then be induced right after, they were planning on wednesday the 19th but my doctor called me about 6:30AM on Tuesday and asked me if I wanted to come in so I said yes. We got everything ready and headed out to the door. We made it to the hospital at about 8 and had an ultrasound done to make sure that he was still laying sideways, but luckily when they did it he was back to being head down. They checked me and I was already 3cm dialated and 80% effaced so they decided just to go ahead and continue with the induction instead of having to worry about him turning again. My doctor finally came back at 12 in the afternoon to break my water, within half an hour I made it to a 5 and then to make a longer story short he was born at 3:37pm. He weighed 7lbs2oz and was 19.5 inches long. He is a pretty good eater but likes to sleep a lot to. I will post pictures of him soon. Also my husband also got to help deliver him so he is really happy about that.

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