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I want a bologna sandwich!!

I want a bologna sandwich!! blog
I'd like a bologna sandwich on white bread with american cheese and plain chips. I'd like a pickle spear on the side. Oh, and mayo on the sandwich please. OR I'd like a roast turkey breast lunch meat sandwich with mayo, lettuce, and pickles. OOh, and some roasted red pepper on there too.

However, since I now know that these meats could be potentially harmful to the baby I will refrain. I will have a handful of plain chips and try to pretend that fills the spot. I could roast some chicken but even that is just not quite the same. I could go for tomato and bacon but I don't have either in the house and baby, it's cold outside!

I do have pickled carrots. Yum! Some protein would be good though. Yesterday and the day before I did manage to eat real food. Not just popsicles, applesauce, or jello. Our house was hit a week ago today by a nasty bug. Cold's don't have fevers and we all had a fever so it wasn't as simple as a cold. Colds don't usually zap my desire to eat either and this sure did. I thought I was eating. But I wasn't. I'd look back over the day and realize I'd had very little.

As a result of the non-eating I've dropped back to where I was at my lowest point before starting to gain during this pregnancy. That doesn't bother me. I know it'll come back. I'm hungry again and will be eating again and that'll take care of it. :)

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"It wasn't bologna but I found a nitrate free, preservative free smoked turkey breast and have had a couple of sandwiches. Yum." -- MAPLEMOM3
"I hear ya (except I want salami)!" -- MUSICGIRL645

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