A Night in Labor and Delivery

A Night in Labor and Delivery blog
This week I have developed a mild puups rash that 2% Coal Tar and 3% Saclyc Acid Psoriases creams seem to be helping to keep in check. And I'm starting to think a tad more about delivery since this is the last week of December and we are entering the New Year soon.

I chatted with a midwife/doula for charitable reasons and they gave me free advice/ information about the legality of a few of the "labor and delivery" issues. This information was important for me to know as far as how things work between the various departments at the hospital and my OB. I want what is best for my baby... and occasionally you have to wonder if some of these medical personell are paying attention or just going through the motion. And then when you speak up to be an advocate for your baby, they get testy.

I went to a perinatology appointment this week so I could keep my regular OB and in hopes that I'd get the other doctor. Nope... got the same one. But on the plus side, the ultrasound tech gave us information about our own pregnancy this time. The baby is breech, facing backwards, and I had slightly low water. She has a heart defect so she may be breech for that reason according to information I have read up on. Plus, I feel her move kind of transverse lately in the past few weeks and I used to feel her flip all the way around so I know she is like that.

The perinatolgist decided to do a Non-Stress Test and her heart had two occasions of deceleration. So they sent me to the hospitals Labor and Delivery - Antepartum department to have bags of water pumped in to me and the baby's heart rate monitered.

My water had been at a 6 but was at a 10 after 24 hrs of water being pumped in to me and all of that monitoring showed my daughter having those heart decelerations a few other times randomly also.

After much reviewing and a second ultrasound, the medical community decided to let me go home but I am officially on bed rest.

All of Teagans organs look good. The ultrasound techs can still see the VSD very well. She is a really good mover and just as hyper as our firstborn apparently. But once in a while, her heart decelerates. They are not 100% certain that is necessarily the heart defect or if its her twirling around and the umbilical cord gets slightly pinched or something. However on both ultrasounds the umbilical cord looks awesome so its not damaged.

She would never be still on either ultrasound and during the heart rate monitoring, they could hear her turning all the time and a few times had to chase her around the belly because she went kind of transverse and hid her heart rate... she didn't like the monitors poking her as they tie those on tight.

We all feel comfortable enough with me chilling at home but I am on official bed rest until delivery. Tonight I went and had the oil changed in the car, went to the store to grab a few last minute items, and tomorrow I am going to have the car shampoo'd so we can put the infant carrier in it. Also this weekend, I think is a good time to wash all laundry with the letter N on it!

Teagans current stats are in the 44% for 35 weeks, 5 lbs 9 ounces, a breech bouncy monkey that despite her VSD, is pretty active and silly.

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"Thanks for the update. Be sure to do those kick counts and if you notice a decrease in activity go back in. I had a similar deceleration in heart beats with my first and the doctor sent me home after monitoring telling me I wasn't eating enough and that if I wasn't feeling the baby move it was in my head. I didn't feel the baby move and in my gut I knew I should've gone back in the next day but I didn't want to be paranoid and so I waited the two days - by then my precious little girl was gone. ..." -- FAWNORELLI
"Aiming for VBAC if by week 40 but may end up having to do a c-section if its an emergency. So the goal now is to keep my water up and keep eye on the baby to make certain she is doing well. Heart defect babies do better being born naturally anyways because of the epidural can mess with them a tad sometimes so the more natural and without drugs the better. Of course, at a certain point, delivery is imminent and might even be necessary. I'm trying not to let the stress get to me. Easier said than ..." -- BARKYSBELLY
"What a great update. You are handling the extra stress much better than I ;) you have to feel pretty good that even with the VSD, it sounds like you have a healthy little stinker in there! Good luck with the last minute things-- hopefully by being done, they will bring some relief. Are they sure you are coming early? Do you u have a CS planned? I don't know anything about VSD and how it affects delivery." -- MKAY08

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