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Birth of my Triplet girls 31 weeks along

Birth of my Triplet girls 31 weeks along blog
so the docters didn't stop my labor and I am now a mom to three little girls Scarlet Rose my runt 1.4 pnds 16 inch Marryanna Grace 1.8 pnds 17 inch and Ave Marie 2 whole pounds!! and 17 inches. At about 7 last night my labor started so my husband rushed me to the hospital the docters tryed to stop labor but my labor progressed. at about 11:30 last night my doctor reconsied symptoms of pre-clamsia high blood pressure and swelling of the whole body. I went pee before the emeargancy c-section when my water broke on the toilet. my babies are in the nicu right now and are regaining their health I have held Marryanna and Ave Marie, Scarlet is too small and fragile to hold. The docters say when I leave on Wednesday we will be able to take Ave home!! I am as sore as heck I never imagined that a c-section recovery would hurt this much but I am thankful to God for our family's new eddition!! I now offially have nine kids and I am so happy!


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"Wow. Good job.

Hopefully they will all be home soon. I am not sure how I could handle being sent home from hospital with a baby in there. Let alone 2 in hospital and one at home.

I know the pain from my CS did not last long- like 4 days- just make sure you take all the pain medication because it does help your body heal to not be in pain.

"Congrats Momma! Very exited for you! Best wishes and you are truly blessed! ~Jess" -- HC2007

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This is my Baby Blog. I use this to tell people about how my pregnancy is going.
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