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After basically 10 yrs of Type II diabetes, for the first time ever, I finallly need insulin. In the past week, my fasting numbers are still running a bit high and some of my daytime numbers are creeping up. My A1C, Ketones, Blood pressure, and all other things look phenomenal thanks to good nutrition and exercise. But the third trimester of pregnancy and the fact that I got sick almost two weeks ago was enough to throw my diabetes back in to gear and put it in a place where I just cannot get it to recover.

The endocrinologist gave me two insulin pens, said my dosage is 15 and that it only needs to be done once a night late at night so that the insulin peeks first thing in the morning when I seem to need it the most. I go back in one week to check and see that the dosage is worked out correctly. And I am not eligble for pill form since I have actual Type II and the way that it is affecting me is not because of poor food choices or diet but because pregnancy hormones and the pancreas (organ that produces insulin) are just not going to be co-operative this time around.

The lady at endocrinology also is the one that has been working with perinatology two mornings a week since late August so she is going to be handling the brunt of the diabetes issue since what I have is actual Type II. This means the regular Diabetes Management, I can call them back and cancel the appointment but have them as a secondary to contact if the other lady is out of town/ unavailable and I have a diabetic emergency or important questions.

At the regular OB's office, they listened to my daughters heart rate with the fetal doppler and it was in the 150's. My cutie girl turned her butt out to them and caused the left side of my belly to pop out. The nurses saw the slight movement and the left side of my belly poking out making the belly look lopsided... had them in stitches.

I made certain the OB/GYN has a copy of the drawing of the CHD-VSD made by the Children's Hospital for reference for when Teagan is first born. And I've discovered a few chats regarding CHD's online so I have a place to talk to other moms to learn what they have gone through.

The OB's had not made the next set of appointments yet but are still planning to do so and will get back to me about when the next date is I go in for ultrasounds. I suspect they feel the same way that I do... it wasn't necessary to start doing weekly ones so soon so they are stalling on my behalf of which I do appreciate. They are also going to be making it known that I be seen by a different dr. since the one that has always seen me at perinatology has always went out of his way to pick fights with me. He seems to thrive on stressing pregnant women out and is more about "control" then about patient care.

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