The past couple of days...

The past couple of days... blog
I meant to check in yesterday, but it was chaotic, to say the least. We left the house at 7:30 am, because the exterminators came to do a heat treatment on our house to get rid of our bedbugs. Ugh. We didn't get home until 7:30 that evening. :-p

But... while we were gone... We had Liam's consult to get his tongue tie clipped, and, thank the Lord, they decided to just do it there! He wanted to put Liam under initially, he said they usually do for babies his age (9 months), but I felt like that was some overkill for a simple clipping. So, instead, we strapped him to a papoose board (NOT his favorite thing in the world...) and it was over in 30 seconds. By the time we left the office and had gotten to the van, he was his normal, smiley self again. He's not eating as much, so I think he's a bit sore (I have to sweep his tongue 2-3 times a day to keep it from reattaching), so hopefully that will lessen soon.

Well, that's the first step to getting him on. I've got an email into the LLL leader, hoping to hear from her soon, with an LC recommendation. The next step is getting him to latch on.

On the weight loss front: I'm starting my workouts tonight. Tonight, I'm going to be doing Turbo Jam, but after today, I'll be working on Turbo Jam in the mornings (I have to be up to pump anyway at 6 am), and an evening yoga relaxation program. Now, I need to make a decent menu plan that we'll actually use...

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"wow! what a day! U sound like me....lol...question how did your workout go? I know with my last one it was so hard to get in to it so I'm trying to continue my regimen now even though I'm yet preggo but I want to keep up for when I do. Blessings!" -- WIZZLESWIFEY

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