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I was pretty tired (and lazy) for about a month, so I didn't work out at all. I even told my husband we should probably cancel my gym membership since I am just too large to do my favorite classes. However, last week, I looked down at my feet and saw they were replaced with tree trunks! Yes, that's right - the pregnancy cankles have arrived!

I did some research and found that water aerobics is really good for circulation, and of course exercise in general is good for preventing pregnancy-related cankles, so needless to say, I got my butt in the pool this past Saturday for an Aqua class and I walked on the treadmill on Sunday. (Yesterday I did a lot of running around during the day, so I took the day off from exercise, but today I plan to hit the gym again.)

I also noticed that I am getting to the point where back, hip, and pelvis pain are becoming a real bother, and I think being in the pool really helps me relax and alleviates some of the stress on my bones/joints. I also went to my chiropractor and I feel so much better after visiting her and getting an adjustment. I really don't remember this much pain with my first child, but I know every pregnancy is different, so I need to make sure I treat my body properly during this one.

I have found that, because I sit for long periods of time at my desk on weekdays, my ankles can swell if I don't get up and walk around every so often. To prevent the swelling (or to counteract it) I am keeping a pair of sneakers and socks under my desk, and I try to take a leisurely stroll during my lunch break. The building where I work has a skywalk attached to the Galleria Mall, so if I can just do about 15-30 minutes of walking during the work day, that really helps.

I know eventually, no matter what I do, the cankles will flare up, but I want to prevent them as long as I can!

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