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Severe issues sleeping...

Severe issues sleeping... blog
I started having these sharp pain up my thighs and hip and knees when I lay down to sleep, to the point where they feel so sore, I switch from left to right sides and they still happen and its bilateral pain. Its so uncomfortable, to the point where it hurts to lie down. Feels like the pain is in the bone almost. Its hurts so bad! I've had them for about 4 days now. HELP. I'm gonna talk to my doctor next week and she what she says.

in other news, on tuesday I'll be 12 weeks! Whoo hoo.. goodbye miserable Ist Tri!

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"I found using several different pillows help rather than the body pillow. That way you can position them all over until you are comfortable. By the end of the pregnancy I will use about 5 pillows a night: between the knees, under the belly, under head, holding one and sometimes under both feet or behind my back. Doesn't leave much room for the hubby but he understands." -- CSCHLICHER
"I had my baby in May, but I had similar issues in my pregnancy. A body pillow does help. I usually slept with 3 pillows. One under my belly, between my legs, and against my back. Hope this helps!" -- GIANNAMOMMA
"Thanks for the tip... it does help a little... i might look into a body pillow... yeah i know what you mean about the sciatic nerve pain, I have that too... I was a runner before, cross country so I have bulging disc in my back from a prior running injury, so i'm more prone to sciatic pain during pregnancy. Ouch. Thanks! How are you coming along?" -- MSW1NSTON
"Have you tried a pillow between your legs? I've been having hip and sciatic nerve pain, and this does seem to help. Also, I learned that you have to be really careful carrying and lifting heavy things, or you'll pay for it later! Hope it gets better and lets you have a full night's sleep!" -- PEARLKITTY

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This is my Baby Blog. I use this to tell people about how my pregnancy is going.
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