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We've made it through 2 month shots (we both cried) and first fever (from the shots) and I think we've got a hold of breast feeding too. We had a lot of problems at first because she didn't eat for the first 2-3 days after she was born and her pediatrician said we should give her formula in a bottle so she could eat and ever since then it's been really hard BF. She wouldn't latch very well, wouldn't stay on very long and in general preferred the bottle. But after talking to a couple LC's and buying a nipple shield and battling it out with her, we have really made strides in BF and now she BF totally. When I first tried BF again she would cry a couple times a day and refuse to BF. I am so relieved it took so much work to get here but I must say it feels pretty good and I'm glad I stuck to it.

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This is my Baby Blog. I use this to tell people about how my pregnancy is going.
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