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August 21st took a pregnancy strip test (urinal one) and had 2 lines, the 2nd line extremely faint!

August 24th took another pregnancy strip test (again, urinal) and had 2 lines, once again, the 2nd line was extremely faint, in fact, fainter than the previous test!

All the time during these tests around noon to 4pm I've been feeling very dizzy and sick, and more tired than usual.

25th August, I started to panic a little because I started to bleed, it was only a medium sized spotting of dark brown blood, thought one of two things happened, my period has started 6 days too early! Or, I have lost the baby in the early stages!
Looked up online and asked a few people to find out it is an implantation bleed, which relaxed me, as I didn't bleed anything more since!

The next day I woke up full of energy and wanting to do things, weird.

Today I feel quite drained.

I worked out that my baby should be born between the 8th May 2010 and the 11th May 2010, as I record everything rigorously!

My current chosen names for the baby are... Henry for a boy and Emma for a girl.

My next 3 favorite names are.... Sebastian or Louis or Damon for a boy and Alice or Sheila or Nonnie for a girl! Considering the father of my baby was raised in Austrailia for the first 10yrs of his life, Sheila may not be a suitable name for our girl! hehe

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This is my Baby Blog. I use this to tell people about how my pregnancy is going.
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