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How did you surprise your Husband/Boyfriend with the baby news?

How did you surprise your Husband/Boyfriend with the baby news? blog
How did you surprise your Husband/Boyfriend with the baby news?
I just want to see how creative people are when it comes to surprising daddy about the news...
My first son (and second) I was super surprised myself we had not been really trying but not not trying for 5 years. I surprised my hubby and took him to lunch and put a card in the menu, and bought him a box of chocolate cigars... He was completely surprised!

My second son was a surprise too because I was feeling really ill and I went to the doctor who said I had an ear and sinus infection. After taking the medicine for a while my head and ear felt better, but still felt sick. I went to my doctor and told him what was going on and he told me I was lactose intolerant.... but he did a pregnancy test any ways. I was so surprised when the doctor said your pregnant and the baby was due on my B-day no less. I simply just bought him and his parents a card to let them know.

This time my husband knew before I did??? His body is finally in tune w/ mine. I denied it up to an episode of lactation.. then I said we gotta go to the store NOW! I bought a test and instantly it was +.... OMG!

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"Great stories! This is my first and my husband and I were in different states when I decided to test. I had mentioned to him I was going to but I know he didn't remember. So I tested first thing in the morning. Once it came out positive I took a picture of it with my phone and sent it to him with the text that said "Good morning Daddy!" He called me back right away, he was excited and though we weren't together, it was really special." -- DANILOVESLOU

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