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Mood swings galore and 5 year old childzilla

Mood swings galore and 5 year old childzilla blog
Well my mood swings and my almost five year do not get along well at all. I have a hard time keeping him from pushing my buttons on a good emotional day, but man now that I am pregnant he really likes to test me and I feel like I am failing miserably most of the time. This is usually resulting in mommy spending a lot of time in her bedroom or breaking down on the way to work. My son is strong willed to say the least. I just spent an hour reading internet advice on raising strong willed kids and laughed at the amateur nature of it all. If setting consistent boundaries and finding a discipline that means something to him is all it would take he would have been a model child two years ago.

I mean the kid downright loves to argue, loves it. I laugh at the offer choices advice. I mean take our daily battle to get on your shoes and coat. Oh son do you want to wear your snow boots or shoes to school? Trying this wonderful advice, I get his answer of "I'm not going to put on shoes or go to school."

I have resorted to saying, Jayden time to get on your shoes and then leaving the room another "expert technique" so that i am not there to argue with. Well then I get a five year old who will at least go get his shoes but then follows me around the house not putting them on and always sitting in my eye line so I can see his non-compliance with a little smirk on his face. The most frustrating is when he puts one shoe on then keeps taking it back off. (He is listening, I didn't say not to take them back off again)

So what is a mommy to do? Break down and cry? Sign him up for military school? Scream? Oh no that is what he wants. I constantly chant this little mantra in my head, "Don't wrestle with a pig, you both dirty, and the pig likes it!" Normally I just get my stuff on walk over to him and put his shoes on him without a single word about it. I don't considering it giving in. With him giving in is the giving into the temptation to yell things like "because I said so!" or the equally effective, "Well, I'm just going to leave you here then"

But how to translate this to his school. Where he gets bored and then creates trouble. Currently, we are in a two week "pee off" with the school. He has consistently peed his pants at school almost every day for over two weeks. This is complete with a chair throwing, bookshelf tossing, screaming tantrum in the middle. I swear if I hadn't already had a daughter who is nothing like this we would not be expecting our third child.

So today I continue to read books and use trial and error. I think I may have found another one that offers some hope. "You can't make me do it, but I can be pursuaded" by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias. She was herself a very strong willed child and has one. I have read books by Dr. Dobson whom I love reading but I really think that once my son is grown I'm going to write my own book. Raising and not killing your really REALLY strong willed child! LOL!

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