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Young Moms

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  This is for first time mommies. Whether you just found out that you are pregnant, you have already had your first child or anywhere in between, you are welcome here!

Members:  2933
Founded:  10/24/2006
  Young moms going to school

Members:  965
Founded:  10/24/2006
  A place where younger mothers can meet and talk and bond.

Members:  962
Founded:  6/14/2007
  Chat and support from young moms and young moms to be. Ages 18-21

Members:  795
Founded:  12/16/2006
  For any new mommies in the past year or new mommies-to-be in the next year!

Members:  653
Founded:  10/24/2006
  For young moms expecting again

Members:  647
Founded:  10/24/2006
  The title says it all, 18 and pregnant. If you have or have not graduated, you are a qualification.

Members:  384
Founded:  3/1/2007
  a place for young moms of 2 or more children can talk and get to know each other

Members:  327
Founded:  11/25/2006
  For mom's who want some other mom's to befriend and chat with about anything from babies to books, or diapers to daddy's and everything in between:)

Members:  307
Founded:  2/2/2007

Members:  239
Founded:  1/18/2007
  indie/hippy/punk/pierced/tattood/ goth/emo/skater/rockchic/god- dam-great-music loving or anything like any of the crappy labels listed here? dont growl alone!

Members:  201
Founded:  2/20/2007
  This is for any young mums that are Breast feeding there babies or are wanting too.

Members:  178
Founded:  11/6/2006
  Mother that love the Lord and just want to relate to other christian women and support each other!

Members:  178
Founded:  1/26/2007
  Young Moms In Canada.

Members:  162
Founded:  12/5/2006
  anyone who can relate with having kids young. benefits and hard times

Members:  157
Founded:  6/5/2007
  Young single mothers expecting for the first or second time

Members:  118
Founded:  11/6/2006
  For young moms who are first time moms to communicate with other first time young moms and to brag about your little ones.

Members:  107
Founded:  3/14/2007
  Stuck between 18 & 21. Having your first child and no one supports you. This is the team for you. We're here for you

Members:  107
Founded:  7/22/2007
  This team is for those who wish they were TTC... or are actually TTC...but under 25...

Members:  101
Founded:  12/11/2006
  Do you have a lot of DrAmA in your life? Are you sick of it? Well let's talk about it, we can all vent together!!!

Members:  93
Founded:  2/23/2007
  I am creating this in hopes of finding other new young moms in michigan for support and chat through here. Feel free to add topics and comments whenever you like.

Members:  73
Founded:  1/6/2007
  A young woman looking for other moms in her area, or looking for companions for her children.

Members:  50
Founded:  1/30/2007
  Where young moms with mixed children can talk about raising mixed kids in today's society.

Members:  50
Founded:  4/25/2007
  Young moms that are living in Illinois.

Members:  50
Founded:  1/8/2007
  This group is for moms and moms to be who live in Kentucky.

Members:  44
Founded:  2/15/2007

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