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Tips for Creating MommyTeams

The first thing to do before creating a new MommyTeam is to make sure a similar MommyTeam has not already been created by using the “Find / Join a MommyTeam” tool. For example, another member from Ottawa, CA could have started an Ottawa MommyTeam that you can join rather than creating a new MommyTeam.

Here are some tips for starting a NEW MommyTeam:

MommyTeam Name: Pick a useful, descriptive name so others can quickly identify your MommyTeam.

MommyTeam Type: Pick the classification that best matches your MommyTeam. For example a team for US Army Wives should fall under Military Moms.

MommyTeam Description: Enter a full description of your MommyTeam. This is also a good place to explain why your MommyTeam is using BabyPoints and to set BabyPoints goal. You could also update this section on an ongoing basis to provide news or announcements to your MommyTeam.

Public or Private MommyTeam Access: This refers to whether you want anyone to freely join your MommyTeam (Public) or whether members must be invited (Private). If you create a Private MommyTeam, you’ll need to use our “Invite Member” button to invite others to join. Public MommyTeams can also use the “Invite Member” button, but members can also join your MommyTeam by searching or browsing for MommyTeams.