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TOPIC:    Christmas gift for daycare lady

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Posts: 5
12/23/10 4:54 P

My BabyPage

For the past two years we've given our care provider a spa gift certificate (worth $50 last year, $70 this year). She is incredible with our son and he is obviously our most precious possession, so we treat her like gold!! I think if you want to keep anyone happy, it's the person who cares for your children. Personally, I want my care provider to be as happy and stress-free as possible... :)

MYBTEAM's Photo Posts: 7115
12/22/10 7:37 A

My BabyPage

I too am a childcare provider and I work out of my home. I must admit that all though gits are not ever expected to NOT even send a personalized Christmas card expressing appreciation really is an insult. All year long a childcare provider goes above and beyond taking care of the children in care and to fail to recognize and acknowledge that is downright insulting. It doesn't have to cost a lot but a nice letter expressing kind words, something homemade with though like an ornament or a photo is very much appreciated. This year my favorite gift was from one of my little boys parent it was a gift card for a restaurant with a beautiful heart felt letter that said this gift includes a playdate for my 2 kids at their house while we have dinner on them. So very thoughtful and appreciated.

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12/20/10 9:46 P

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You should check out my blog post...

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WRIGHTBR's Photo Posts: 356
12/19/10 8:21 P

My BabyPage

Everyone here is so thoughtful and these gift ideas are great. I never would have thought parents go this far above and beyond. I haven't had the pleasure of having my children in day care so I don't know how the gift giving etiquette goes. But I would have loved to be one of there caregivers. You parents are to sweet and I am glad you have a care giver that goes above and beyond.

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TEACHERKIM4U's Photo Posts: 2697
12/17/10 12:31 P

My BabyPage

I'm in a home setting and I always get her something wonderful because she does go above and beyond all year (buying diapers and wipes at times, I never have to send snacks, feeding him if I don't have time to make his lunch) I have started getting with the other parents and we pool together. I can say as a teacher the cups of candy and cofee are thoughtful but a $5.00 gift card can be put to such better use. (especially like McDonalds or burger king). I always love the little things they pick out on their own for me that show they were listening that one time I told them something.

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AWESOMELIFE's Photo Posts: 2155
12/17/10 11:53 A

I used to give $50 cash to each worker and something small to the 'director' (i.e. fancy hot chocolate). When my DD left daycare I gave her teache'rs manicures. I felt a bit werid re: giving them cash (I wouldn't give my kid's teachers cash) but they make so llittle money and totally work so hard / look after my most important possession. I thought were cheap until I spoke to other parents who gave nothing or made them cookies or something!

Last year DH and I decided decided we were too generous! SO last year we gave them movie gift cards (around $30 value) and will do the same this year.

It's so hard to figure out / know what is right!

SAMANTHABABYFIT's Photo Posts: 17245
12/17/10 12:23 A

My BabyPage

Great Ideas Ladies.

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LRIGYLRUC's Photo Posts: 1680
12/16/10 3:24 P

Wow now I feel really generous! We give an extra weeks pay as a Christmas bonus, she truly deserves it. Joyce has kept my daughter for almost 2 years and she is like a second mom to my daughter. This year I also got her a gift card so she has an excuse to buy something for herself and not just put it to bills.

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NOTSURE's Photo BabyPoints: 4677
Posts: 590
12/16/10 8:13 A

My BabyPage

I don't know if this is an old post or not but I will respond anyways. I think if you have given her the spa gift in the past then I would give her something equal to the same, as I think she might wonder why you are giving her something cheaper and wonder if maybe you are thinking she is not doing a good job. I think the spa gift is a great gift and will make her feel appreciated, it is not always easy to look after other peoples children even if you are getting paid it is a big responsibility and something nice at Christmas just shows your appreciation. I used to do daycare and one family would always give me 50.00. Hope this helps!

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CATHY_T's Photo Posts: 10346
12/15/10 4:48 P

My BabyPage

We have not had time to make homemade goodies this year, so my son's preschool teachers (for some reason there are 4 in his class this term!) are getting a small gift each of nice chocolates and bath stuff. Then I'm getting a big tub of chocolates for all the staff since I guessed the reception ladies, the kitchen assistant, the caretaker etc probably don't get many gifts!

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Posts: 53
12/15/10 3:22 P

This year we decided to make a homemade story book. My 4 y/o daughter wrote the story and I used clip-art to illustrate it. Then she colored the pages and we had them color copied, bound and covered for her teachers and grandparents. I also made black & white copies to give to the kids in her class as coloring books. Bound color copies cost around $5 and the bound b&w copies cost just over $1 apiece. They'll get them tomorrow, so hopefully they go over well. I know the teachers will appreciate the thought.

DYNAMITT's Photo Posts: 5212
12/15/10 1:54 P

My BabyPage

we just got the best gift yesterday. 1 of the mums got us a year subscription to a magazine. We are about 20 staff at the center so it was for all of us (she have 2 kids at the center)

The magazine is called new idea which is a gossip magazine with some real life stories and recipes - it is great to have to read during our lunch break.

BabyFit Community Team
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CHERALYN's Photo Posts: 266
12/15/10 4:46 A

My BabyPage

I'm a daycare teacher myself, and I know small Christmas gifts make me feel appreciated for the work I do with the children. My personal favorite are gift cards, because then I can choose for myself. On the other hand, I really don't expect anything from the parents. If they don't get me anything that totally okay, but if they do it's a really nice bonus.

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PARINNE's Photo Posts: 4981
12/14/10 12:56 P

My BabyPage

My kids go to a small day care center. 1 of the moms does a money collection for the parents. They suggest $30 per family or more if you have multiple children in daycare. The teachers are great, so I generally contribute more when I can.

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LADYBG81's Photo Posts: 1203
12/14/10 12:24 P

My BabyPage

My son goes to a day care. He is VERY attached to his teacher so I got her a little angel Christmas ornament. I am making a tray of homemade goodies to take for the entire staff to enjoy. They are really great people and I want them to know how much I appreciate their time and everything they do for my son.

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Posts: 1
12/11/10 11:21 A

My BabyPage

I am a teacher, and gifts always make us feel appreciated during the holidays. My favorites are: homemade anything, ornaments, and gift cards. I think it's very thoughtful and kind of the families I teach to think of us at holiday time!

RACHELNOAH's Photo Posts: 8
12/11/10 9:13 A

My BabyPage

I run an in-home daycare, or day home, and really don't expect anything from parents. I'll be pleasantly surprised if I do get gifts, but really, you're paying this person to look after your children and although they probably love and enjoy them, aren't expecting you to go all out for Christmas. Are they giving you anything? While its always nice to feel appreciated, something over the top and expensive might make them feel uncomfortable or guilty for not gifting back. I think I'd rather have something small, perhaps home-made or that the KIDS helped to make.

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7yr 7mo

Posts: 2761
12/9/10 4:09 P

In the past, I've ordered edible arrangements (bouquets made out of fruit). They are healthy and can be set out for all the preschool staff to share. They are BEAUTIFUL and always a hit. I imagine you could make them for a fraction of the cost to buy them, but I do not have enough time or talent. :)

TROELTC's Photo Posts: 2197
12/9/10 3:22 P

My BabyPage

This year, I used the points from my American Express to get $25 gift cards for my boys teachers (a total of 4 teachers), and I will send two cookie trays to the school as well. (The infant/toddler section is physically separate from the preschool/preK/kindergarten.)

In the past, I have done just trays of cookies, $10-25 gift card to Dunkin Donuts, homemade gifts. It all depends on what I can afford that year.

I was considering getting a cute plastic popcorn container, and filling it with microwave popcorn, candy, hot chocolate/coffee.

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Posts: 10707
12/9/10 1:25 P

We are making a monogrammed tote bag for DD's teacher (sounds like much "more" and more difficult than it is).

Also, we are making Christmas tree ornaments. I bought plain, clear ornaments from Michaels and Christmas colored basket filler. The shredded paper you would put in the bottom of gift baskets.
Shove that into the clear ornament and then put their initial on the outside of the ornament.

BabyFit Community Team

MYLITTLEMICE's Photo Posts: 9794
12/9/10 12:47 P

My BabyPage

I keep a baby for a friend, and if she's getting me a Christmas present, I'm pretty sure it's because we're friends, not because I keep her baby.

For my children's teachers and Sunday School teachers, I'm giving them a gift box with homemade hot chocolate mix, a christmas candle & a pocket hand sanitizer gel.

I save the containers when we are finished with a jar of peanut butter, so that's what I put mixes in for gifts at Christmas.

I'm giving my husband's office staff a homemade loaf of bread and a homemade jar of canned apple butter & a $5 gc to the local candy shop- it's across from their office and they go there pretty regularly. I had to buy for 6 + the boss, so it adds up really quickly.

I do think the daycare lady would really really appreciate the spa, but I would imagine she wouldn't expect something that extravagant. I feel bad for her, we are talking you out of that awesome gift:)

BabyFit Community Team

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GLOWSTIX's Photo Posts: 660
12/9/10 12:04 P

My BabyPage

my kiddo doesnt go to daycare yet but i remember when i was a kid 'making' presents for my teachers and daycare providers. Me and my brother would make homemade cards and help mom make cookies, i remember being like 4 and makeing these 'candy cane mice'..and i found them thru google!!

anyways im in my 20's now but i still remember doing this yearly and having fun doing it! and it's inexpensive

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TMILLERRN's Photo Posts: 204
12/9/10 11:32 A

My BabyPage

I always have my son get his teacher or provider a very inexpensive, yet pretty nic-nac. Or mug filled with candy, etc. They appreciate the thought! I've never given a spa gift, that I'll tell you. but i don't think anyone else in the class/daycare has either. I guess the protocal differs depending on where you live?

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LYDIALAND's Photo Posts: 5161
12/9/10 11:29 A

Something cheap! LOL

DD goes to a preschool that has a 3 year old class and a 4 year old class. In the morning they all reside in the 3 year old class until 8:30 - Two morning aids...

In her class she has one teacher and one teachers aide... So that's four...

In the afternoon she goes back to the 3 year old class... another two afternoon aids... that six

Plus the Preschool director!! So I have to buy SEVEN gifts for her school staff. LOL... Im thinking just gift cards to Starbucks and our family Christmas card.

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ADAMKAT's Photo Posts: 2243
12/9/10 10:59 A

My BabyPage

Ok so I am wondering what you all are doing for your daycare providers? Mine is an at home daycare she watches my two boys 3 and 2yrs old. She is great with them and they love her. I have in the past got her gc ($75) to the spa but this is the year she is watching both boys full time (last year on mat leave was only one day a week with oldest) I don't want to look cheap but I don't want to overspend. Ideas should I get her more because of watching both boys and should I get her something else or stick with spa?

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