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We found 366 matches for "Old English"

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Name Origin Gender Meaning Similar Names
Ackley Old English Boy meadow of oaks Ackerley
Acton Old English Boy town with many oaks  
Addison Old English Boy Adam's son Adison, Addisen
Afton Old English Girl river name Aftonio
Ailen Old English Boy made of oak  
Alcott Old English Boy old cottage Alcot, Walcott, Walcot
Alder Old English Boy birch tree, revered one Elder, Aldus
Aldercy Old English Girl a chief  
Aldrich Old English Boy old king Aldrych, Aldred, Aldren, Aldridge
Alfred Old English Boy wise counsel Alf, Alfric, Alfie, Alfrid, Allie, Elfred, Fred, Freddie, Alfredo
Alvin Old English Boy elf wine, noble friend Alwyn
Amberjill Old English Girl    
Amsden Old English Boy from the ambroses valley  
Ansley Old English Boy from the pastureland of the noble  
Arden Old English Either passionate, eagle valley Ardis, Ardon
Ashley Old English Girl ash-tree Ashleigh, Ashford, Ash, Ashe, Ashby, Ashlan, Ashlie, Ashling, Ashlyn, Ashlin, Ashli ,Ashi
Atherol Old English Boy dweller at the spring farm  
Audrey Old English Girl noble strength Audry, Audery, Audra, Audey, Audie
Averill Old English Boy boar-warrior Averil, Averell, Everill, Everil, Haverl, Haverhil
Bancroft Old English Boy bean field  
Barclay Old English Boy birch meadow Barklay, Barkley, Barksdale, Berkeley, Berkley, Barks
Barden Old English Boy boar's den  
Barnett Old English Boy noble man Barnet, Barret, Barrett, Barr
Baron Old English Boy noble man Barron
Baxter Old English Either baker Baker, Baxley
Beacher Old English Boy dweller by the beech tree Beecher
Beaman Old English Boy beekeeper Beeman
Beardsley Old English Boy beard, wood  
Bede Old English Boy prayer  
Beldon Old English Boy beautiful pasture, child of the unspoiled glen Belden
Bentley Old English Boy from the moor  
Beverly Old English Either meadow of beavers Beverley, Beverely, Bev
Birch Old English Boy white  
Blade Old English Boy glory Bladen
Blake Old English Boy fair-haired, pallid Blakeley, Blachard, Blanco
Blossom Old English Girl lovely  
Blythe Old English Girl joyous Blithe
Bolton Old English Boy of the manor farm  
Bond Old English Boy tiller of the soil  
Booker Old English Boy beech tree  
Booth Old English Boy hut Boothe
Borden Old English Boy near the boar's den, cottage Bordan
Bradford Old English Boy broad crossing  
Bradley Old English Boy broad meadow Braden, Brad, Brady, Braid, Bradney, Braeden, Braedon, Bradly
Brandon Old English Boy fiery hill, sword Branden, Brand, Bran, Brenden, Brendan, Brant, Brent, Brennen, Brennan, Branford
Bray Old English Boy to cry out  
Brayden Old English Boy brave, broad Brayton
Brent Old English Boy fiery hill, steep hill Brentan
Brewster Old English Boy brewer Brew
Brinley Old English Boy tawny  

Names and meanings are under a GNU Public License

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