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Baby Names

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We found 3100 matches for "Girl"

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Name Origin Gender Meaning Similar Names
Aaliyah Arabic Girl high exalted, to ascend Aleah, Alea, Aleaseya, Aliya, Alia, Aleeya, Aliyah, Allyiah
Aasia Hindu Girl    
Aba African Girl born on Thursday  
Abby Latin Girl head of a monastery Abbey, Abbe, Abbie
Abella Assyrian Girl child  
Abey Native American Girl leaf  
Abha Hindu Girl lustrous beauty  
Abhilasha Hindu Girl    
Abigail Hebrew Girl head of a monastery, a father's joy Abbey, Abbe, Abbie, Abby, Abagail, Abigayle, Abigale, Gail, Abilio, Abihail
Abina Ghanese Girl born on a tuesday  
Abiona Yoruban Girl born on a journey  
Abira Hebrew Girl strong  
Abra Hebrew Girl father of a multitude  
Acacia Greek Girl thorny, naive Acazia, Acatia
Acadia Canadian Girl Cadie, Caddie  
Acanit Ugandan Girl hard times  
Acantha Greek Girl thorny  
Accalia Latin Girl foster mother of Romulus and Remus  
Acedia Czech Girl    
Acelin Teutonic Girl noble  
Achal Hindu Girl steady, mountainous  
Achazia Hebrew Girl the Lord holds  
Achen Ugandan Girl a twin  
Achit Hindu Girl    
Achlys Greek Girl mist, darknesss  
Ada Teutonic Girl happy, ornament Adah
Adah unknown Girl beautiful addition  
Adalgisa Old German Girl noble hostage Adalgisal, Adelgiese
Adalia German Girl refuge of God, just, noble one  
Adamina Hebrew Girl dauggher of the earth  
Adara Greek Girl beauty, virgin  
Addie unknown Girl joyful, kind Addy
Addisyn unknown Girl   Addie, Addy, Addi
Adelaide Latin Girl noble kind, adorned Adalia, Adeline, Aline, Adele, Ellie, Addie, Elle, Adelle, Della, Adailia, Adalee, Adara, Adah, Eda, Etta, Ady, Adela, Adalheld
Adelina Old German Girl noble  
Ademia Greek Girl without husband  
Adena Hebrew Girl delicate, sensual Adina, Adinna, Adenna
Aderes Hebrew Girl one who protects  
Adesina Yoruban Girl the way is opened for more  
Adhira Hindu Girl lightning  
Adie Hebrew Girl ornament  
Adina Hebrew Girl voluptous  
Adishree Hindu Girl exalted Adisree
Aditi Hindu Girl free and unbounded  
Adiva Arabic Girl pleasant, gentle  
Adolfina German Girl noble wolf, noble hero Adolpha, Adolfa
Adona unknown Girl   Adonna, Adonne, Ady
Adoncia Spanish Girl sweet  
Adonia Greek Girl beautiful  
Adora French Girl beloved one  

Names and meanings are under a GNU Public License

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