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A Floor-to-Ceiling Guide to Nursery Safety
A Floor-to-Ceiling Guide to Nursery Safety
When decorating your baby's nursery, there is more to consider than whether to choose animals or sailboats as the theme. You have to consider safety, too. 

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Low Cholesterol Scalloped Potatoes

A low-fat, heart healthy version of this traditional comfort food.


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-- By BabyFit Editoral Staff is owned and operated by SparkPeople Inc., a leading online preventive health company. Our goal is to help as many people as possible reach their goals and lead meaningful lives. All of our programs are medically sound, completely free of charge, community-based and accessible. specializes in the areas of fitness and nutrition within the context of pregnancy and parenting.

Our members include women at different stages of family life--trying to conceive, pregnancy and parenting. BabyFit provides the information and encouragement that women need to enjoy healthy prengnancies and raise active families.

BabyFit publishes weekly and daily e-newsletters, as well as articles and other content features that members can access through their Start page and Resource Center. As a small site with a focused mission, we have to be selective in choosing writers and articles that best fit our brand and help our members.

Sample articles can be found in our Resource Center, and any potential writer should familiarize herself with the categories of our articles and topics that we have covered already.

Tone & Style
BabyFit articles are written by experts or well-researched writers. They should appeal to our average member, who is seeking healthy living, family-oriented information. The voice of BabyFit is helpful, encouraging, entertaining, easy to follow and/or relatable. Generally, articles are between 500 and 1200 words in length.

BabyFit articles generally fall into the broad categories of Nutrition, Fitness, Pregnancy or Post-partum (parenting). To see the articles we have in each section of the site, use the following links.
  • Nutrition: Covers pregnancy-specific nutrition, family and child nutrition, food safety, eating away from home, healthy eating habits, meals and food choices, buzz-worthy research, quick and easy tips, seasonal and holiday tips, and special concerns.
  • Fitness: Pregnancy-specific exercise, safety, family and lifestyle, special concerns, tips and strategies for busy parents, and specialty workouts.
  • Pregnancy & Post-Partum: Motivation for healthy living, parenting & baby care, breastfeeding, and general pregnancy topics.
Freelancing Opportunities
The vast majority of BabyFit's content is created by our in-house staff of experts, but we do occasionally hire freelance writers who specialize in health topics related to pregnancy, parenting, nutrition and fitness.

If we do not offer you a writing project, please understand that the decision is multifaceted, not a negative judgment of your skills. Each year, we receive numerous queries from people who want to contribute content to BabyFit. We produce a limited number of articles each week, and therefore, can only assign a small number of articles. As a free site, we try to keep our costs as low as possible. Freelancers are typically paid between $25 and $90 per piece, based on experience, credentials, and writing ability, and are required to carry their own professional liability insurance.

If you are interested in writing for, please send an email with attachments of your resume and an applicable writing sample(s) to

Thanks for your interest and for supporting!

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