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The "Real Woman's" Workout

Inefficiency Equals Exercise
-- By Carrie Myers Smith, Exercise & Health Writer

Recently, while bringing the wood in for our woodstove, a friend of ours said, "With all those boys, you're bringing in the wood?" By "all those boys," he was referring to our four sons. I quickly explained to him that while we do have the boys help out with the wood, I often volunteer to do it myself, because it gives me some exercise on the days I don't otherwise work out. In fact, I purposely only carry in two pieces of wood at a time, so that I have to make extra trips in and out, increasing its cardio effect. "Consider it the Country-Girl's Workout!" I quipped. Well, we both got a good chuckle out of that, but it brought up a very valid point: you can find fitness in many aspects of your own life that you may not normally consider. Here's another example:

At one of my sons' soccer tournaments, we had to park quite a ways from the field, because the parking lots were filled up (not to mention they were playing at the field furthest from where we were parked!). My reaction? "Cool! Time to get a little cardio action in!" I offered to carry the chairs and backpack, knowing it would just give me that much more of a workout. But the reaction of those around me wasn't quite so positive. "I can't believe we have to walk so far just to get to the field!" and "We should have just driven around - there must have been some empty spots somewhere that would have been closer."

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"My husband always complained about mowing the law so I gave it a try one day. I realized what a great workout it was and also simple enough to have time alone with my thoughts. I love it, and made the job mine except in last trimester of my pregnancy.
"Fabulous article. Find your creative side and be happy." -- TAOLLIE
"i love this article because i thought i was weird. I do the exact same thing. Taking the stairs, parking far, cleaning alot with loud music, u name it." -- BALLOUTAA
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About The Author
Carrie Myers Smith
Carrie is an ACSM-certified personal trainer with a bachelor's degree in exercise science and health education. Her work has appeared in several publications, including Shape, Fitness, Cooking Light and Fit Pregnancy.
Carrie Myers Smith


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