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Preparing a Nursery for Baby
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6 Ways to Beat Insomnia

Take the Stress Out of Sleep
-- By Liz Noelcke, Staff Writer

Sleep is something that every body craves. So why does everyone struggle with it periodically? You’ve tried to do it right – you skip caffeine late in the day; you don’t eat a heavy meal right before bed; you make sure the lights are off; you try to follow a consistent bedtime schedule each day. Yet, as you lay in bed sleepless, frustration creeping in, none of this seems to matter. When insomnia hits, you could spend hours stressing, instead of doing a few easy things to slip gently into sleep.

Difficulty falling (and staying) asleep is a common problem. As an important source of fuel for the body, sleep is a valuable commodity. If you have been lying in bed for a while and can’t sleep, get up. Don’t stay in bed, worrying about not having enough energy for tomorrow. Do something to encourage a more rapid appearance by the Sandman.

1. Go for a soak
Relax in the bathtub. This soothes both body and mind. Try adding some sleep inducing scents into the tub like lavender oil. Caution: Don’t take a shower. This can awaken your body. Opt for a warm bath instead. Add some candles and calm music for heightened relaxation. A second hint: Sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow to pacify you in bed, too.

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Member Comments About this Article
"very helpful. Thanks" -- CALMBELLY
"Note to Eastcoast217...I too am at 20 weeks and have been suffering those sleepless nights. I wouldn't call it insomnia but I wouldn't call it healthy sleep either. last weekend I was at a market and found a heat bag that had lavander & clove plant bits in it (it was created with pregnancy in mind) and my partner suggested that I lay it across the top of my pillow. I have found that the subtle fragrance emitted from this has helped my sleeping sooooo much. Lavander oil is too strong for me and a..." -- MELLYWELLY73
"I'm 28 weeks pregnant and was having a very hard time falling asleep,
so I decided to add more activity to my day, do a brisk walk twice a day
for at least 20 min, practiced yoga for better circulation, ate a snack and warm milk before going to bed and purchased 3 more nice comfortable
pillows and that helped a lot, I'm still waking up every 2 hrs to go to the restroom, but when I got back to bed I fall asleep quick. Hope this helps somebody." -- EVELYNQ
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