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Squeezing in Exercise
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Slip Into a Steady Slumber

Tips to Cure Insomnia
-- By Liz Noelcke, Staff Writer

Sleep is something that every body (especially a pregnant body) craves, but also something that everybody struggles with periodically. You've tried to cure it the right way. You stopped drinking caffeine late in the day; you didn't eat a heavy meal right before bed; you made sure that the lights were off; you've tried to keep a definite bedtime schedule consistently. And yet, as you lie in bed sleepless and frustrated, none of this really seems to matter. When insomnia hits, you could spend hours stressing, or try a few new things to ease you into a peaceful slumber.

Difficulty falling (and staying) asleep is a common problem for pregnant women. As an important source of fuel for the body, sleep is a valuable commodity. If you have been lying in bed for a while and can't sleep, get up. Don't just stay in bed and worry about not having enough energy to get all you need to get done the following day. Do something tonight to encourage the Sandman to appear a little sooner:

Go for a soak
Go relax in the bathtub. This soothes both body and mind. Don't make the mistake of taking a shower. This can actually awaken your body. Opt for a warm bath instead. Couple this with some candles and calm music and you'll be set.

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Member Comments About this Article
"I disagree with watching television as well. I have struggled with insomnia during my four pregnancies due to restless legs and bad sleep hygiene. I finally went to the sleep center. I was told not to watch television, get on the computer, or look at my cell phone due to the light that is emitted from these objects. The light stimulates your body to produce more melatonin which tells your body it is time to be awake. All activity with those things needs to be concluded at least an hour before yo..." -- MELANIELDAVIS
"I have to disagree with the watching TV portion.
There are studies that the fast movements of the TV screen (they are fast whether watching a boring show or exciting) and the pixels arouse the mind.
I suggest getting into bed, set yourself up with a couple pillows, cover your legs with a blanket, grab your shoulder muscles and gently massage a little while thinking on all the positives of the day, even pray and talk to God (this can be done from your mind to God) and then when your mind is ca..." -- KARANDAN
"Restless legs at night are driving me crazy! You would think the fact that I totally cut out caffeine that I would be sleeping like a baby. Between the crazy bizarre dreams and restless legs, I bet I am getting about 3 hours a night! argh!" -- PMAC1726
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