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Leg Cramps
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'A Healthy Pregnancy After A Tropical Disease'

Member Traversed Globe to Ensure Her Health -- and Her Baby's
-- By Sehleeah, BabyFit member from Hue City, Vietnam

I was still tired but now hungry all the time. I saw the specialist in tropical medicine and he assured me that since the fever was finished before I conceived, it was unlikely that there would be any effect. He wasn't sure about the medication. After talking to two obstetricians, I was reassured that the risk for birth defects was low. Then came the ultrasound and everything was normal at nine weeks. Then I returned to Vietnam at 12 weeks and out of the danger zone for miscarriage. It was a lot of fun telling our friends and colleagues about our pregnancy. We had another ultrasound at 15 weeks and all was still normal.

All through this time (13 weeks on) I was very conscious of eating well and taking supplements to keep my energy up. I also did low impact exercises at home to keep my spirits up, my weight in the range, and to build my strength. I subscribed to every email newsletter I could to keep me up to date on the development of the baby. Sharing this news with my husband also kept him involved. At 16 weeks I started to feel the first big kicks - reassuring me that all was well on the inside. I felt great - good enough to travel to Cambodia and Laos at 21 weeks.

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"I am glad everything worked well in the middle of your Dengue recovery. Best wishes for your growing family." -- LOLAGEEK
"My husband and I were trying to conceive while touring north and central Vietnam. When we were in Hue I got a very bad case of food poisoning and an intestinal infection. I could not travel to the hospital in Danang so it was never officially diagnosed. I took some herbal supplements common in Vietnam and Rx meds prescribed by our Dr. back home. I was better and back to full energy within a week. We carried on with our trip through Japan. It has been several weeks. I don't know if I am pregnant ..." -- SWANKYGIRL
"Wishing you the best of luck for a safe, healthy delivery. My husband and I traveled to India 6 months before we conceived and I took too many vaccines, as I developed vaccine induced anthralgia (multiple joint pains) upon our return from India. My symptoms were completely gone about 3 weeks before we conceived. I also worry about the effect on my body taking on 7 vaccines and 3 antibiotics prior to conception. My physicians told me not to worry, in fact the pregnancy should make me feel bett..." -- LPATNEY
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