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Are Your Kids Making You Fat?
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Portable Snacking

Remember the 'Healthy' with the 'To-Go'
-- By Laura Bofinger, Staff Writer

Eating is no longer an activity that stands alone. Quick, how many times this past week have you eaten on the run? No place is safe either – the car, your desk, maybe even the shower! Our time is strapped, our bodies are tired, and we need food that’s easy to grab ‘n’ go. And during this mad-chaos of finding food on our way out the door, one detail is easy to forget – eating healthy. If you fail to get enough nutrients throughout the day, you’ll be doing you and your baby a disservice.

Unfortunately it’s mostly the bad stuff that falls into the “fast” and “easy” categories – chips, candy bars, sodas, etc. Well, what if we took some time and ingenuity to make our own healthy snacks portable and easy for on-the-go eating? Snacking is a great way for pregnant woman to fight off nausea throughout the day, but only if the right things are eaten.

I’m talking about things that can fit into our top drawer at work (not jelly beans or Kisses!) or snacks prepared ahead of time that can be popped into a lunch bag. Yes, some of these items WILL require some thinking ahead. Some might even require refrigeration or special containers. But they are fast, simple, and easy. Most take less than 5 minutes to prepare. You’ll also be thankful that you’ve saved yourself the cash that normally goes to vending machines or convenient stores. Your body will be grateful as well. The benefits of health outweigh the costs.

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"mill or water and trail mix or fresh/dried fruits and celery are my favorites!!!" -- ARTSYMOMMY123
"Some afternoons when I become sluggish, I'll grab a cup of fat free cottage cheese topped with a hard-boiled egg. It's a great combination and loaded with protein!" -- CUSTERCD23
"On the weekends I weigh out snacks and put them in the small snack size ziplocs (fruit, cereal, whatever). Frozen grapes are my favorites. And it usually keeps me from the Little Debbie's at the gas station : )" -- ANPEPPI
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About The Author
Laura Bofinger
Laura always finds something to write about in life. She uncovers inspiration every day while working as a freelance writer, specializing in health and fitness.
Laura Bofinger


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