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Preparing a Nursery for Baby
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Fitting Healthy Habits into Your Hectic Life

13 Tips for Getting More Nutrition and Fitness Into Your Day
-- By Life Coach Mary Guarino, Ph.D.

There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do. And it can feel like an added stressor when you are pregnant and try to integrate healthy habits into your already hectic schedule. But if you make time for healthy habits, you’ll find yourself with extra reserves of energy that will lower your stress and help you get through life’s challenges.

Here are a few things you can start doing right now to make healthy habits a relatively painless part of your routine:
  • Drink water throughout the day. You don’t hear this nearly enough, water is an all-purpose wonder-substance. It’s great for your skin, your digestive system, circulatory system and it aids in weight loss and cellulite reduction. If you feel fatigued during the day, it’s often because you aren’t hydrated properly. Drink water throughout the day, sipping from a large bottle or glass. If you have it nearby, it’s easy to remember. If you don’t like the “taste” of water, keep a supply of lemon so that you can add a slice to your water – it cuts any bitterness, adds a bit of vitamin C and makes it taste more festive!
  • Cut back on the amount of soda and coffee you drink. Sugar and caffeine act to dehydrate you and contribute to cellulite production. They also create energy rushes followed by crashes, which are ultimately energy-depleting.

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Member Comments About this Article
"Very good article - I liked the way it broke healthy living down into small things that are pretty easily accomplished or worked one at a time into your life :)

The one thing I had a problem with was the "eat low-sugar or no-sugar alternatives" one... seeing how a lot of pregnant/breast-feeding women are using this site, and low/no-sugar is another name for "crammed with artificial sweeteners". There are many sweeteners on the market which have not been fully tested or approved for pregnant ..." -- PEARLKITTY
"This article is very true. I just came off of my birthday weekend and figured it wouldn't hurt to treat myself to some soda and birthday sweets. Well it's Monday and I am back to work and I thought I was in labor. Called the doctor and was told to drink 4 glasses of water right now and continue through out the day. 2 hours later I feel much better and the cramping stopped!! DRINK WATER! no more soda treats for me!" -- ALEXIS2356
"Well I have just come home from work, three kids in tow, exhausted with a headache and an absolute craving for a bottle of wine(no not a glass - not that I would BTW) ... downed a chocolate on the way home and picked up some pizzas from the supermarket fridge!!!
Thanks for the timely article - think I will take that walk I have been talking myself out of and have a bottle of water instead!!!
" -- MLAN4023
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About The Author
Mary Guarino, Ph.D.
Mary is a life coach who specializes in helping people evaluate and improve their lives. She earned a doctorate in lifespan developmental psychology and a coaching certificate from the Institute for Life Coaching.
Dr. Mary Guarino


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