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Exercise Lowers Cholesterol During Pregnancy
Exercise Lowers Cholesterol During Pregnancy
A recent study conducted by the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle found that during the first trimester, the most active women had the lowest cholesterol levels.  

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Organizing Your Life Through Your Pregnancy - Part 2

Oh Baby - Big Changes on the Way!
-- By Monica Ricci, Professional Organizer

Here is part two of Monica's article on organizing your life during your pregnancy. Part II is about the third trimester.

The Third Trimester: Reality Sets In

During the third trimester, the reality that you’re going to have a baby really sets in. You actually look pregnant (and glowing of course!) and your friends are getting excited about planning your shower. This is the time when the world wants to share in your joy and anticipation, so try to be patient when every person you meet wants to talk about your pregnancy, and realize that they are happy for you and are acknowledging your motherly glow.

Month Seven

The seventh month is a great time for baby showers. By this time, you’ve already chosen the theme for the baby’s room, your registry is finished, and most of the big house projects are behind you. This is the time to enjoy the added attention and pampering that will be lavished on you. When I asked about the baby shower and all the fuss that is made over the mom-to-be, new mom Noreen Courchene remarked, “Once that baby is born, it’s not about you anymore, so enjoy all the attention while you’re still pregnant!”

After your showers are over, you’ll have a house full of baby clothing, toys and equipment to contend with. Put away as much as possible in the places you really plan to keep it. This will be good practice and will get you familiar in advance, with where various things will live once the baby comes home. Also, assemble the equipment, read the manuals and figure out how the various items work, such as the baby swing, thermometer, the bouncy seat, Pack N’ Play™ and car seats. The time to be figuring these things out is now, before baby arrives, rather than when he is screaming his sweet little head off.

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"Oh no! I'm already 35 weeks and haven't done any of this. Our house is under construction and currently still living out of boxes!!! Construction should be done by week 36 or 37 hope I have enough time!!!
" -- CHERRY_
"A couple of things to add to the list: Check with your Hospital to see if they provied Pads, toiltres, baby wipes., diapers, etc. If breast feeding: Nursing bra or Top is great. Hair ties or head band is also great for labor. Chapstick for lips. For more information you can find many detailede lists on the internet." -- TITTLYWINK
"New fabric is often treated with chemicals like formaldehyde that off-gas. Since LOs have more sensitive lungs, it's a good idea to wash out these chemicals." -- JUDISD
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About The Author
Monica Ricci
Monica is a professional organizer, motivational speaker and author of Conquer Chaos, Change Your Life. She regularly consults and offers seminars that teach more effective organizing methods at home and work. You can learn more about her company at
Monica Ricci


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