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VIDEO: Full Body Wall Stretch
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Beat Pregnancy Pain the Holistic Way

How to Overcome
-- By Karina Downie, BabyFit Expert Mom

You are so happy to be pregnant, but along with that beautiful little life inside of you come aches, pains and stress that weren't there before. You don't want to take drugs to relieve your ailments. What do you do?

More and more doctors are recommending you do what women from around the world have known and have been doing for centuries. These are women who don't have access to pain medication but work closely with the body's natural and incredible ability to heal itself. Some of these holistic techniques include massage, yoga, meditation and more recently chiropractic. These methods work naturally with the body and I can surely say that they helped me through my pregnancy!

Massage feels great any time but brings a new appreciation when you are carrying around a little baby inside. Some say it is the best time for a massage! However, there are some considerations for prenatal massage vs. regular massage you should know about.

First, make sure that whoever massages you is aware that you are pregnant. Second, there are certain herbs often used in massage oils that that are best avoided during this time. For example, rosemary, sage, juniper, parsley seed, aloe vera and cinnamon among other less common herbs are believed to stimulate the uterus and could be dangerous during pregnancy. Lavender or peppermint are soothing and can be added to massage oil to help relax you.

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Member Comments About this Article
"For more immediate relief cold things (ice packs, etc) and water (shower, bath, swimming, etc) are keeping me sane. Also going to see either my chiro or PT soon to help with hip dysplasia that has been aggravated by pregnancy." -- MRS.HOUGH
"Something that wasn't added too this pain relief list is acupuncture!! I've been going for acupuncture once a week for 2 weeks now, and I'm absolutly astonished by the fact that I've been essentially pain-free!!(my piriformis muscle was severly aggravated, which mimics the pain of sciatica). The procedure is so easy and pain-less (you only feel a teensy prick upon needle insertion). I recommend this treatment to anyone who is experiencing pain, or just needs any energy boost!!!" -- MIKES-PREGGO
"I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and I am certified in prenatal massage. The only thing I would add is to make sure you go to a therapist who is specially trained in prenatal massage. There are many contraindications the therapist must be aware of depending on what trimester you are in, and an experienced therapist will be able to give you a much more effective massage. If you are laying on your side they should have many pillows in place to support all of your joints and you will be much mo..." -- AMBERBARRY
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About The Author
Karina Downie
Karina is the proud mother of two sons. Her determination to eat right and exercise during pregnancy was the inspiration behind
Karina Downie


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