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Natural Way to clear up cradle cap?...*

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11/17/06 5:48 P

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ive always heard that jojoba oil is amazing for cradle cap. we have just used regular baby oil (even though its not natural) and lightly scrubbed his head once or twice a week. which is how often we wash his hair.


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11/16/06 4:25 P

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here's what we did. worked awesome and only did it twice (ours was really bad bc i couldn't figure out what to do...and brushing did nothing for us)

massage in baby oil
comb out with soft fine tooth baby comb
wash (i just washed oil out twice with regular baby wash, nothing strong.)
repeated a few days later.

lucky for us it never came back.

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11/16/06 1:57 P

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Here's mine-

cradle cap oil

1 part dried nettle leaf
1 part chamomile flowers
1 part mullein leaf
lavender essential oil

put herbs in a double broiler and cover with olive oil or your favorite oil. Heat on low low heat for 1 hour. strain the herbs and bottle the new infused oil. add about 2 drops of lavender. Store in fridge but when your ready to apply the oil should be at room temp.

oh ya, 1 part means 1/4 cup.

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11/16/06 1:40 P

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thats pretty much what I do too, put a little baby oil, then after a few minutes I gently
comb out his hair then I wash his head . I've only had to do it once with philip ,but with my older son he got cradle cap all the time .:}

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11/16/06 3:28 A

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You should brush your baby's hair often. Cradle cap is caused by oil deposits mixing with dead skin cells and them crusting together on the surface of the skin. By brushing the hair often it keeps skin cells from building up with oil deposits.

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11/15/06 10:41 P

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Rub oil on it yes, but put a soft hat over it and leave it on for the day. You can enjoy combing it out durring nursing and then wash it.

Wash the hair as little as you can get away with, no more then once a week. Use a moisturizing soap (like Aquaphor) or if it's really bad You could also use an anti dandruff moisturing shampoo, and be sure to rinse completely!

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11/15/06 9:57 P

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Rub a little olive oil or sweet almond oil into the scalp and let it soak in for an hour or so. Then bathe baby, cleaning the hair and brush with the soft brush.

I've also been known to just pick at it while nursing...


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11/15/06 9:52 P

I've been using a soft brush on my son's head, but it hasn't been working!! Someone recommend cradle cap cream, but it smells awful. Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks! =)

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