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Does your pelvis "pop"?

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8/22/06 11:08 A

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thats so funny and weird lastnight i was in bed and rolled over and heard a snap like sound in my pelvis it woke me up lol

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8/22/06 8:57 A

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My pelvis is not popping but I get this popping sound high up on my tummy. It feels like where my uterus ends and my insides start. It is painful when it happens and I can hear it too! Just weird!

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8/22/06 8:18 A

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Yes! My pelvis started to pop about a week ago. It usually happen when I roll over in bed.

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8/22/06 5:00 A

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That's really wierd, because my pelvis just started popping yesterday in bed when I roll over! I have a ton of pain when in bed too, which is why I'm up at almost 5 am, b/c I had to pee and the pain of getting up did me in. I just say little prayers during the pain that God will let me have this baby soon. I hope the pain goes away right away after the baby, but I'm not sure since they're muscles and joints and stuff.

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8/21/06 1:47 P

The last few weeks Ive had something pop whenever I go from a sitting to standing feels like its more INSIDE than my pelvic bones...very strange.

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8/21/06 1:17 P

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Yep Iíve got the pelvis pop too, except mine is really painful it brings me to tears some times. Especially at night I canít roll over on to my back with out being in pain and I can move one leg but to bring the other one with it hurts way too much. This sucks just when I was out of pain finally now Iím back in pain. O and in the morning when I fist get out of bed I move at the speed of snail.

Zahara Marie
September 22, 2006 10:50pm
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8/21/06 1:17 P

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I am also in this boat my pelis "pops" almost every step I take and when I roll over besideds "popping" it is accompanied by pain... CNM says it's normal so i'm not so worried but it's kinda weird...LOL

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8/21/06 1:11 P

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Everything pops whenever i move. Legs, back, arm etc.

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8/21/06 1:07 P

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How funny, that just happened to me last night and I was going to post about it today.
Last night my pelvic bone popped when I rolled over. It didn't hurt, but it was loud and kind of scary! I hope the baby's head wasn't in the way. My lower back cracks a lot when I roll over now, too and it never did that before.
Glad I'm not alone!

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8/21/06 1:06 P

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My pelvis doesnt ..but my back does that often and sometimes my knees does that too..i guess the back is just preparing to open up and be flexible!!

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8/21/06 1:04 P

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My pelvis doesn't pop, but something in my back clicks or pops every time I step with my right foot. I was just going to ask if anyone else was having trouble with this, lol. I guess it could be my hip/ just feels like it's in my back, lol.

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8/21/06 1:01 P

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Whenever I walk my pelvis or something pops with every step. I doesn't hurt it's just weird. It does it really loud when I turn over in bed too. Anyone else got this or have any idea what it probably is?

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