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Too much amniotic fluid???

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6/9/06 9:42 A

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Yes it is possible to have too much amniotic fluid. I do. This was found when I had an ultrasound when I was 23 weeks. Too much fluid puts added pressure on the baby's heart and it needs to be monitored. My dr. said she will be watching me very close until I give birth. If you are measureing way bigger they may need to do an ultrasound and drain some of the fluid. Mention it to your dr.

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6/9/06 6:46 A

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Kim, i searched the net and found something on amniotic fluid "

Don't know how much of it will apply to you and how much won't.....
But i guess there is nothing wrong...

Be strong! God bless!


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6/8/06 6:49 P

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Thanks... I'll be posting right away with any news! Everyone's guess a boy -- but they did with Ella too... so maybe I just carry boy-style... hopefully I'll find out soon!

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6/8/06 6:43 P

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Good luck! I'm sure everything will be great. My money is on you having a boy!


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6/8/06 11:21 A

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I was really big with my second child. It was a boy and I don't know if that made a difference. At one point (I think I was about 6 months) a woman at a gas station asked if my twins were doing well! Anyway, I don't know if that helps any, and I know what you mean about there being more fluid than baby, but I bet that's a good sign!

P.S. How's the placenta issue going?

It's a girl!
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6/8/06 10:33 A

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First of all I LOVE your belly! Secondly, yes, it is possible to have extra fluid - I think we all do that differently. There was a mom over in the natural birth chat that was measuring ahead so doctors kept wanting to induce when she went late, and turns out, it was extra fluid. Sometimes it's just extra fluid, and yes, sometimes it CAN indicate a problem with kidney function...but I would just ask at your next appointment, and if you're getting another u/s soon to check on baby and the placenta position (as I remember) then you could just ask then. I remember when we discovered that DD was breech and trying to assess whether to attempt an external version, then we checked the fluid levels with u/s...the more fluid, the easier it would've been to turn her. Unfortunately, i just had a moderate amount, which lowered the chances of a successful version...rambling. sorry.

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6/7/06 9:37 P

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I think your belly looks perfect! Even if you have a lil extra fluid, that means baby just has a little bigger pool to play in til he/she gets here!!

When you go in for your U/S next week, you can always ask :) I bet your lil one just wants more room to do the back stroke though!!


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6/7/06 5:59 P

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I don't want to scare you, but I'll tell you what my doctor said to me.

I was measuring four weeks higher than I should be. And she said it could be anything. Then said it could be that I have too much fluid. I asked if it was a bad thing or what it could mean. And she said it could mean that his kidneys weren't functioning properly and not processing the fluid correctly. But she quickly said, "but don't even worry about that. It could be nothing."

So, she ordered another u/s and I just had it on Monday. I have to wait for the results until 6/26. She said if it was anything bad that she would call before then. I really don't think it's anything bad.

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6/7/06 5:29 P

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I don't know if its possible, but I know that my doctor said that I have "good water" when he felt my belly. I feel the same way though, my belly is a lot bigger than other pregnant girls that I know.

You should feel happy that its all water weight and will be gone when the baby comes! I feel like crap when people tell me that I am big for 6 months, but since the doctor told me that I am healthy, I just ignore the comments.
I hope I am like you, and lose all that weight with the baby!
I think I was 22 weeks at the time of this pic

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6/7/06 5:27 P

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This is my first and my doc hasn't mentioned anything about the amount of fluid, but my SIL has extra with both of hers. I assume that they found it during an ultrasound. The only main concern was that if her water broke on her own then it may gush out so fast and hurt the baby somehow. She was induced with both of hers... both healthy. I don't recall her being able to tell by the way her belly felt, but I could be wrong.

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6/7/06 5:22 P

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Is it possible to have accessive amniotic fluid? My tummy is so big and round and hard... so much bigger than the other girls I know that are pregnant right now and further ahead than me.

I think that I have a LOT of amniotic fluid in there... does anyone know if that's possible?

ie: last time I gave birth I lost 30lbs instantly... baby was almost 10lbs, so the rest must have been placenta and fluid... doesn't that seem like a lot???

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