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Pros and Cons to Mirena (IUD)?

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3/9/07 6:39 P

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i have heard only good things about the mirena. my bff got it, loved it, said it didn't hurt at all.


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3/9/07 6:03 P

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i have the paraguard iud. it does not have hormones.
i like that i don't get hormones. others like getting hormones because it can ease period pains, etc.

another thing to note- the paraguard IUD has a copper element that confuses sperm away from the egg. in the even that fals, it will allow for conception to take place. it stops the fertilized egg from attaching to the wall of the uterus, which prevents pregnancy.

the IUD you ask about, probably prevents ovulation 98% of the time from the hormones, but for the occasional egg that gets by, it will also not allow the egg to implant into the uterus,

so depending on if you have bad/good feelings about conceiving but not implanting, those may be two things you want to consider.

(note though-- that even the pill has safeguards to stop any escaped eggs to implant.)

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3/9/07 2:50 P

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I also have a mirena. I love it. I had it inserted in november, had very little bleeding then got a period on the 13th. That lasted a couple weeks but it wasnt all that bad, i just thought it was never going to end. I had nothing in December, then got another period late jan that lasted for a couple weeks, once again it wasnt bad just seemed like it was never ending. And i havent had anything since. I hope i'm done with periods!

Oh and when i had mine inserted i didnt feel it at all! I did take a motrin before i went in to have it inserted. It was easier than some of my past paps.

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3/9/07 2:44 P

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I had one put in last November and I too had read the "horror" stories about I was terrified going in to the appointment. But it literally took 30 seconds to do and only a very small amount of cramping. HOWEVER, I am one of the few who bled for over 3 months after having it put in...not just spotted...BLED. I was so sick of it, I went back to the Dr. and she gave me a low dose estrogen and after taking it for 2 weeks, the bleeding stopped and everything is fine now. That's my only complaint, but I think my case was rare. I love the fact that there's no pill to remember to take, I haven't noticed any additional weight gain, and my moods are normal. Good luck in whatever you decide!

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3/9/07 1:35 P

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That's what Dr said:

Mirena: hormonal: periods subside in time. Takes time to get pregnant when u get off it (like pills).

Paraguard: non hormonal: heavy/ regular periods. Get pregnant as soon as u get off like u have not had anything.

We wanted to try for boy next time so it is important to figure out cycles for me and not wait when it happens, so I wanted Paraguard, but SIL gave me some horror stories about how painful and bleedy it is (I assume just an isolated incident).

I got Mirena and I have not had any problems since, the only thing is I still have regular periods as before it, did not dissapear, but it migh just take time. Other than that no difference from when I was childless young girl LOL.

So, all in all, all have good and bad, I do not have any issues with it, I am sure someone does not have any issues with Paraguard.

Whatever you choose, good luck. The bed thing is that insurance usually does not cover it (mine did not), but the procedure is a breeze, just a slight pinch and you are done.

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3/9/07 12:53 P

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I was considering having Mirena placed in couple of weeks. I've looked online and only can find complaints about it. People have a tendency to complain over compliment so I was wanting to know both opinions. I really need to get on some kind of birth control. I had preeclampsia with my pregnancy that turned into HELLP syndrom and I now have liver damage so I can't take the regualar BCP. Any comments about Mirena will help...Thanks

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