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Getting pregnant during miscarriage?

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3/7/06 1:32 P

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Hey LITTLEPEPPER. I had to have a d&c january 16 this year. My baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. I have a healthy 4 year old boy(which means we know I am capable of having a healthy preg. and birth)so my doctor said try again right away if I wantes to. Just wait a week after the d&c to have sex so I could have a checkup first. Since it was a d&c the doctor got everything out so you dont have to be concerned. When you have a m/c they want you to have a men. cycle so you can pass anything that might be left in there. You dont have to worry about that with a d&c. I never had a period after and I am on my 4th week of pregancy. Of course I am a little worried it might happen again, but I am trying to think positive and hold on to hope and faith.I have a sonogram on march 31 and I some how know everything will be fine. It may sound weird but this pregnancy feels alot better than my lasy one. Good luck to you, and if your doctor says it's ok then I would go ahead and jump back on the horse.I don't think he would tell you anything if it could possibly harm you or your future unborn child. If you have anymore ?'s feel free to ask. P.s. I don't know why they said they wouldn't run test until your third this was my first m/c ever and the doctor automatically ran tests on the fetus(tissue) and found out it wasn't me or my husband or genetic.

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3/7/06 12:33 P

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The reason they tell you to wait for one cycle is because anything that is left will come out with your next period. It is possible that if it hasn't all come out it can cause problem's with your next pregnancy.

You will hear a lot of things about your body, but the truth is our bodies have one thing in mind, ours and our species survival. All your body wants to do is ensure that. It won't forget how to do it and if you get pregnant before three cycles, it won't be overwhelmed by it. We are a lot hardier physically than emotionally.

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3/6/06 4:23 A

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my doctor told me that when u got a mc u can ovulate whenever during the start the end and the couple weeks after.. so hum... that what i can say....



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3/5/06 7:42 P

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Hi ladies, I have just had my second m/c in a year.It all happened last week.We were 11wks and thought all was going well,middle of the night i got contractions and started to bleed.Two days later doctor at hospital pulled sac all intaked out.I didn't have to have d&c this time.Baby had died at 8wks.Last April i had to have d&c as it was coming away in bits.Last year we were told not to try for a couple of months.We did as told and waited only to find it took a long time to get preg again.This time the doctors are telling us not to wait as there is a higher chance of getting preg while body already knows what to do and is ready for it.I was told you ovulate 2wks after m/c.No tests will be run on us until after a 3rd m/c.The 3rd preg has a higher chance of making it 0.5% chance of m/c.So we are going to try but must admitt both of us are scared and worry we won't be able to have children.Not sure about trying before a period though.Was told they advise this so they can date the pregnancy.Very interested to hear of someone getting preg right after m/c.Would like to know how you are coping emotionally am i just being hard on myself and it will all be fine.I am 38yrs this year and i just want to get some answers and to do this i have to go through this again so why not right away.

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3/4/06 2:50 P

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Yes I got pregnant before I had a period, and the reason they tell you to wait is to allow your body to get back to the way it was before, because your body does not know what is going on. I did not have a D&C either. My doctor at that time just told me to start trying whenever I felt like it, but my doctor now said that it is better to wait. I have no clue she never went into any detail. They call this baby the miracle baby. And that she is.. If there is anymore question anyone has just let me know..

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Posts: 12
3/4/06 9:08 A

BabyAlexiss, Congratulations on your pregnancy! That's great news. When I had my miscarriage, my doctor told me to wait for a cycle before trying to get pregnant again. I am assuming that you got pregnant before having a period? I am wondering if anyone knows the reason for waiting before trying. Does it have to do with dating the pregnancy, or is it suggested in order to avoid any risks during your next pregnancy? I had a missed miscarriage, and did not have a D&C. I bled for about 3 weeks. Since I did not have the option of a D&C, and have had difficulties obtaining an ultrasound, I can only assume that there is no remaining tissue in my uterus. If there was though, do you know if that would pose a risk if I were to become pregnant before getting my period? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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3/4/06 2:06 A

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Sorry about your loss, but I am here to tell you YES YES YES YES YES it is very possible that you could be pregnant again, Sorry GMASTER. I miscarried in early October 2005 and I was very upset due to the fact it was my first pregnancy. I went to the doctor for a routine check up and my levels had dropped to 97. So she wanted me to come back 2 weeks later to follow up. When I went back for my 2 week appointment my levels were back up to 1000 so it is possible even though it might not seem so.... I am now 22 weeks pregnant and everything is going great. I would call my doctor and see if he/she can give you another HCG Test.. Hope I have helped

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The baby's name will be Linda Alexis
Posts: 4555
3/3/06 6:29 P

hey, just my thoughts here for you,

i seriously doubt that you are pregnant again already. with a level of 400 HCG in your system, your body still thinks that you are pregnant and wouldn't be releasing any eggs to be fertalized.

it was probably just taking the vitamin with Coke! and did you eat with it? many people get sick if they take a vitamin on an empty stomach.

hang in there.... :)

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3/3/06 4:49 P

pretty cheesy, but I was informed it means "Aunt Flow", lol

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3/3/06 4:20 P

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Thanks so much! What exactly is AF? I see that abbreviation, but I haven't been able to figure it out. I assume it's just natural cycle?

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3/3/06 4:17 P

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I'm sorry for the anxiety you're feeling, but since your hcg levels were still so high, and you didn't bleed that long, I think it is extremely unlikely that you could have gotten pregnant. I think the presence of hcg in your system would most likely prevent your body from ovulating. Unfortunately, my understanding is it can be several weeks before AF comes back, so if you don't take a pregnancy test you might not know for absolute sure for a while. I'm not sure how long it takes for your hcg levels to go back down that low though, I suppose if it hasn't been that long since your m/c you could possibly still get a positive hpt just from the hormones left over after the m/c. I got my final (zero) hcg test done about 3 1/2 weeks after the bleeding started. I really think it would be a one in a billion chance that you got pg. It was probably just a little upset tummy. Hope you feel better soon!!


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Posts: 14
3/3/06 4:09 P

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No! That hadn't occured to me! I only bled for a week and a half. My hormone levels were only at 400 then.
I feel like such a hypochondriac about this. I took my morning vitamins that I always take and drank some diet coke with it, and it just immediately came back up. I think maybe it was iron and fizzy drink that caused it. But I feel like I did when I was first pregnant a few months ago. Not hungry, nothing sounds good. Not sleeping well. It just seems so unlikely that I would have gotten pregnant. And I'm afraid to take an at home pregnancy test. Too many emotions.

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3/3/06 3:45 P

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I feel ridiculous asking this. It seems like such a dumb question, but I can't find any information online, or I'm looking the wrong way. Again, any info about whether or not it's even possible or whatever anybody's got is really appreciated!

Posts: 14
3/3/06 1:56 P

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I just had a miscarriage, and towards the end of my bleeding was the only time my partner and I had unprotected sex. That was about two weeks ago. We've been protected ever since. But I threw up this morning! Has anyone ever, or know of someone, who has gotten pregnant toward the end of a miscarriage? I wouldn't think it was possible, I thought your body was at the same point as your period. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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