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3/10/07 3:41 A

i am using strivectin from macy's!!
it works wonderfully!! i stopped using it cause i went on vacation and i got too lazy to put it on 3 times a day but it did lighten up the deep stretch marks on my sides!!
but if you are committed to using it as directed and determined to get rid of them then it's a great product to use! mine have faded to a light stretch mark instead of the deep redness it had!!

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3/9/07 11:40 A

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Well I'm still using Palmer;s coco butter and they are clearing up a little bit, not as red anymore. Too bad they will never go away completely. Oh well, thank god my child is healthy and a few marks is not worth the stress.

Nicholas born 5/5/06 at 6lbs 4 oz
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2/28/07 5:42 P

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Hey girls!
I also hate my stretch marks and have been looking into what kind if treatments i can get after I have my baby.
Watever you do, do not use strevectin while you are pregnant! I went into sephora the other day and they actually told me they could not sell it to me cause clearly I was still pregnant! They also informed me that is was unsafe to use while nursing.
Anyways i have been looking into using Trilastin-sr I have been to the website read everything and even chatted live with agents. It is safe to use while pregnant and well as while nursing as long so you do not apply to the nipple or areola. It also has a 60 day money back guarantee, you guys might have seen it featured on the tyra banks show.
There is also a new procedure called coolbeam that you guys might want to look into !

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2/23/07 10:39 A

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IF you are nursing or pregnant, you can't use the Strevectin. I ordered mine off of ebay which was half the price. On another thread someone said that when she was pregnant she noticed a stretch mark at the end of her term. She started using the Strevectin and it disappeared. I'm not sure how she did that because it says on the box do not use if pregnant or nursing. Since I'm nursing, I haven't tried mine yet.

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2/11/07 11:00 P

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Thank you ladies.

Nicholas born 5/5/06 at 6lbs 4 oz
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2/7/07 10:39 P

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There isn't much good data that shows topical creams fading stretch marks significantly. They'll usually fade on their own over time. There are some treatments that have been fairly effective that can be done by a dermatologist, but I'd wait a full year to allow your body time to heal on its own.

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2/7/07 3:15 P

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Pretty much regardless of what you use you will find that many stretch marks fade and become silver in appearance but they don't go away. I like my mother have many and they are wide. Some skin types are just more prone then another.


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2/7/07 12:08 P

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OK, I had no stretch marks until they pop up the last month of pregnancy. It has been 9 months since birth of son and they still look BIG & RED! I am using Palmer Coco butter and they seems to be fading a little, but I want to try STRIVECTIN-SD STRETCH MARK cream or Mustela. Which one did you use and see results?

Nicholas born 5/5/06 at 6lbs 4 oz

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