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Natural birthers - most painful part of labor?

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9/27/06 2:38 P

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as for fear of tearing, ask your midwife about doing your own perineal massage before giving birth (my fiance did mine for me every night for like 3 wks before i gave birth. no tearing here!)

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Livinia Grace (Vini)- 02/08/06

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9/27/06 9:28 A

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The hospital I'm going to has tubs and charges 25 for the lining. There isn't a guarentee of getting one, though as you never know when you're going into labour and if they'll all be occupied!

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9/27/06 12:14 A

I found a birthing center downtown that offers water birthing! I'm so excited. I have my first appointment next week!! :)

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9/26/06 5:53 P

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The most painful part for me was around 7 cm. After that, the pain plataued and stayed at the same level, and I somehow "adjusted" to it. My midwife says that is thanks to endorphins that kick in to help.

As for your fear of episiotomy... I'd communicate with your doc/midwife about this fear and see if they routinely do them and how often and under what circumstances. My midwife does not do them unless the baby MUST get out quickly and is not doing well. When I pushed my baby out I did tear... but it healed beautifully. And I was so high on endorphins at the time of birth that I didn't even feel the "Ring of Fire"... which I still don't know how is possible to this day!

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9/20/06 12:31 A

i'm really not sure. i think you have to look around for those options. like a birthing center that is more like a comfortable home environment. not so white and metal, you know?? let me know what you find?

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9/19/06 6:43 P

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I want to have a water birth too, does every hospital have that option, or only special ones??? Water always calms me, and I would love to be able to be there with my baby right away.


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9/18/06 7:29 P

we're pretty certain this will be our last baby, so i reeeeaaaaally want to do a water birth this time!!

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9/18/06 3:45 P

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Well, I have a high pain tolerance and I think it was an easy labor but the hardest part was from 9.5 to 10 cm. That was the only point I questioned whether or not I could do it. It really was fine for me except that point. That's kind of when my body was almost pushing by itself but not quite. It was worse because they wanted me to stand there and be monitored. I was fine once I got back in the shower actually. Then it was time to push. I didn't think pushing was that bad at all (I expected it to be the worst part and it wasn't at all!!!!). I didn't think it was a horrifying experience as some describe. I know I had it easy, but KNOWING you can do it gives you the confidence and security that it doesn't HAVE to be a horrible experience! You can do it!

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9/17/06 3:05 P

I had my first two children naturally in 9 and 11 hrs. The worst part for me was when their heads crowned. I did not have episiotomy or tear. I did have a tiny tear inside that needed stitches though. I think the perinium massage really helps before and during labor and delivery. Stay fit and do a lot of squats! :) Definitely squating during labor and delivery helps w/delivery and pain because its a natural birthing position and opens your hips and birthing canal.
My 3rd baby I had w/an epidural because I was in labor for 20 hours and believe it or not as soon as they gave me the epidural she came out about 45 mins later. It was amazing. I am happy w/all 3 deliveries.
Good luck to you!!

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9/16/06 3:42 P

Transition is the period in between active labor and pushing - so while it's the worst part for many people, it's also a sign that your labor is almost over!!

I didn't have a transition, so that wasn't the worst for me. For me, the pushing was bad because I was in a bad position (kind-of on my back), so my low back was killing me. However, I never felt the "ring of fire", and I didn't feel myself tear, either. The contractions were also spaced enough that I could joke with the doctor in between.

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9/15/06 1:40 P

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JOITHEMOM~ if the partner wont do the massage for you definatly tell your husband to do it for you!! He can also do it at home for you once a day, starting a few weeks before you are due. There are lots of sites that give you step by step instructions he can follow and using oil is nice too!


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Eliana: All natural water birth~August 8, 2006

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9/15/06 12:28 P

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This is my first baby, and though I am early in my pregnancy, I know I want to do it natually. I have always had a high threshold for pain, it really doesn't bother me, but I don't want to be niave either. So, I have read through all the comments, about what the most painful part was. I am not sure of all the definitions, what is transitions? Also, I know I don't want them to cut me, if I tear, I tear, I want it all natural. Thanks for the heating pad advise, any other ideas anyone??


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9/15/06 12:42 A

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i had a natural birth as well. The transition was the most painful....and when the nurse checked me and i was 9.5 cm, she stretched that last lip of cervix with her hand up there. That was the worst. The pushing wasn't took two hours but felt like twenty minutes. It went fast. I tore inside and out, lots of stitches but they gave me laughing gas for that and i was high as high could be was so funny. Peeing sucked after...but i had no problem with number two

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9/10/06 6:11 A

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I was soo scared of labor and delivery while I was preggo...but....I was in labor for 10 hours and it all was uncomfortable but not unbearable. (and I am a HUGE whimp..well I thought I was) I can't say that I remember a most painful part.I tore pretty bad but didn't know it.I felt great right after (maybe a bit tired)I was even up walking around 6-8 hours later and felt no pains. I am soo proud of myself! I even did it without having my husband there with me. I loved every minute of it!
I am sure you will do great! Good luck!


"Children are the purpose of life. We were once children and someone took care of us. Now it is our turn to care" ~ Cree Elder

Eliana: All natural water birth~August 8, 2006

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9/8/06 8:16 A

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afterpains [horrible during the first days of breastfeeding] and transition

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9/8/06 7:56 A

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i tore on the inside and they had to cut me b/c emmas head was sideways, she wasn't looking down like she shoulda been... the worst for me was the cut, its the only thing that hurt, the pushing was awesome!

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9/5/06 2:11 P

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Thank you all so much for sharing and for your honesty in how everything went for you all!!! I really appreciate all the stories and believe it or not, it's pretty encouraging to me and gives me a little more confidence!

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9/5/06 1:59 P

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I also thought pushing felt great. There was a split second when Rylan's shoulders came through that I felt a great flash of pain, but it was gone in an instant.

I guess I would also agree that transition was the worst. (Even though my transition was only 2 contractions.) I was standing up at the time and the pain made my legs buckle.

The afterpains were terrible for me because I didn't expect them, and was pissed that I was having contractions *after* the baby was already out! I strongly recommend a heating pad out and ready.

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9/5/06 11:27 A

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Looking back, it was the transition that was the worst. Of course, no one knew that's what was going on (I went from a 4 to an "oh, you can push" in less than an hour). Contractions were so bad, I couldn't relax between them. I got a small dose of stadol halfway through. Although contractions got much worse, I was able to relax. I guess the "ring of fire" is supposed to be when they crown? If so, that was the best 5 minutes of the whole labor. It was the only part that didn't hurt. Of course, I didn't feel myself tear, and the OB gave me local anesthetic for the stitches.

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9/5/06 12:27 A

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For me pushing was the worst part. I was dumb enough to let them give me an episiotomy but this time I dont care if I tear, I'm saying No way.

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9/4/06 3:05 P

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In other words, Carrie, it's like birthing a tree trunk...that's what it felt like to me when the whole baby's down through the pelvis. LOL! Oh, yeah, I did birth a tree...17 inches around!!!! (The circumference of her shoulders...).

Well, you can read my birth story, but I was basically in transition from the get-go, and it was 6 hours of that from start to finish. My MW gave me arnica sublingual (under the tongue) and somehow that seemed to calm my very fierce contractions, which felt like the worst cramps ever. But that was not the painful part. The pain was sharp when she crowned, that when I actually said "Owwwww, owwww, owww."

But the MOST painful part of the whole shebang was the healing from the stitches (had a second degree tear...from the tree trunk shoulders) and learning how to poo again. Now THAT hurt.

My advice...why get cut when you may be able to escape a tear at all? I'd risk getting torn before I'd have someone do it on purpose. There are many stories of women who don't tear at all with natural birth because they can be more in control (minus the factor of the size of the baby's head and/or shoulders).

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9/4/06 2:44 P

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The best way to avoid an episiotomy is to birth in an upright position. If the dr can't reach, there won't be any "it looked like you needed it" talk afterward.

I have had five naturally (three posterior, one with head aclinctic) and currently teach a certified education class and volunteer doula. What I tell people is that pain is relative. If you think it's going to hurt, tense up or prepare for it...then it will.

but to answer your question: the specific feeling I have at that moment where you are toally FULL of baby, your hips are stretching out of joint, your tailbone has moved and baby is twisting around inside; your cervix is fully bloomed is not excrucitiang pain. It's an otherwordly feeling of being full, like huge and there is discomfort but it isn't like a nail in the foot, or a migrane or a kidney stone, just a stretched to capacity...right on the edge of bearable, thank God this is the end of it feeling. The first few transition contractions, that are 2 minutes long, hurt and you haven't yet figured out it's transition and there will only be 5-10 of them are something.

The most PAINFUL part for me was the 6 weeks of prelabor and being almost crippled by scatica pain for 35 of the 41 weeks I was pregnant.

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9/3/06 2:11 A

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With my son, I had him naturally. The part that hurt me was when I tore. The episiotomy did not hurt. The doctor did that while I was pushing so I could not feel it at all. The pushing part wasn't too bad. If you can make it all the way to the pushing stage, you can handle it the rest of the way.
I had stadol with my daughter before the epidural. The contrations felt like pressure rather than cramps. I don't know how else to explain it. The contractions weren't as intense so I could get comfortable. Once I got the epidural, I felt nothing.

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8/31/06 5:31 P

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Jackson was posterior as well. There was a huge difference after my water broke, and it was his face on my pubic bone. Transition was by far the toughest. I ended up having a 1/2 dose of stadol after about 2 1/2-3hrs of transition. It took the edge off just enough to relax and regroup. Neither of us suffered any ill effects from it. Feeling the urge to push was a huge relief mentally and physically and felt good. After three hours of pushing, the ring of fire was the same...a relief mentally and physically.

One thing I wish I would've considered is that the timeframes you read about and hear in a class are averages. I knew that, but I didn't internalize it. I remember thinking "This has to be transition, I'll be ready to push in a little bit." Since mine lasted longer than average, I got discouraged, and I believe a doula would have been beneficial in helping to avoid the stadol all together.

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8/31/06 12:53 P

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1. stitching afterward (I had to push him out fast and didn't have time to let my tissues stretch)
2. afterpains. You think you're all done... but you're not.

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8/31/06 12:53 P

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pushing was great for me too. I think the most painful part was transition. but by then it was almost over...

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8/31/06 12:47 P

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Pushing was not bad at all. The contractions hurt less, and you have all the great endorphins rushing, and the encouragement of finally being able to DO something active, instead of just allowing the contractions to do something to you. I did feel the "ring of fire," that sort of burning/stinging feel as the skin is stretched. My MW used warm compresses to help me stretch easily, and it really wasn't bad.

In a normal labor, I think transition is worst for the vast majority of women. The contractions are closer together, and more intense. You don't get the same break in between them that you have in early labor, and again when you are pushing. If you can get through your transition, you will be FINE. And when you go through transition, just remind yourself that it gets BETTER soon after!!!

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8/31/06 12:39 P

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pushing was great.

my worst part was when we were in the car on our way back in. i had been at a 3 at 8:00 at 11:30 i decided to go back in. i knew i was still at a 3. and DH couldn't give me the counterpressure that felt good.

well lo and behold i was at an 8. i was in transition. silly me. an hr later she`was born.

you can read my birth story on my baby page

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8/31/06 8:29 A

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I LIKED the Stadol. I had a shot of it during labor with my first. It took the edge off and allowed me to push effectively. I knew I was in pain but I didn't care.

I hated the Demerol and Nubain when I had those. I felt disorganized and drowsy. Stoned off my @## and unable to push.

Transition is tough and contractions are much more unpleasant after one's water breaks.

Labor is SO subjective.....

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8/31/06 7:34 A

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I had 1/2 a dose of Stadol 1 time and I hated it. It made me drowsy and nauseas and did not really provide any pain relief.

I agree that pushing was more of a relief.

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8/30/06 11:30 P

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Actually the pushing was the BEST part both times! It feels SO good to push. It doesn't hurt.

My first baby was ideally positioned so I didn't really have any terrible labor with her. It all went smoothly and quickly.

My 2nd, however...was posterior and 9.5 lbs so the worst part of that labor was a tie between the contractions (since his little face was pressing into the pubic bone with each contraction and my back hurt so bad I didn't want to move) or the roids afterwords...those were the worst...I think out of th two. Once he turned I felt great and pushing was great!

If you have a midwife assist your birth...most of them control your pushing and do perineal massage to avoid tearing or the need for an episiotomy.

I would rather tear than be cut...

But I didn't have to worry about that either time. I relaxed (don't tense up) and my pushing was slow and controlled..I never tore.

It really was a great experience both times and I can't wait to do it again in a few weeks.


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8/30/06 10:36 P

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Ok, ladies... I have every intention of going naturally, and my greatest fear during labor is an episiotomy. I'm not scared of contractions, more scared of pushing the baby through the birth canal and out of my body and how much that will hurt, so that being said, those of you who have gone naturally, which part of labor was most painful and how was the pushing/baby being born stage for you???

If any of you have had stadol, I'd love to know what effects that had on you as well... Thanks girls!!!

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