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baby's heartbeat- a girl or a boy?

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2/10/06 2:01 P

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My US results on Tuesday say the myth is bogus. DOn't get me wrong, I like the wives tales and the fun of guessing.
But our little man has had a steady heartrate of 150-154-150 everytime we go to the dr.

If you want a girl, i hope you get a girl. Best wishes.


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2/10/06 11:43 A

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haha, my doctor does an u/s every visit and for all the visits until i was 9 weeks (b/c i miscarried before he had me come in at like 5 weeks, 6 weeks, and 7 weeks, for blood tests and u/s) i had to have the internal ones b/c the baby was too small.....gotta love those huh! :-(

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2/10/06 11:29 A

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I don't believe in the heartbeat theory either. My baby's has been 146 everytime it gets measured. Because I had IVF, I had an ultrasound (with the internal wand) at 7 weeks and they could measure the beats then....146! And I am having a boy!

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2/10/06 10:34 A

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i have heard people and doctors say that. mine just always says its a good heart beat, they never give me numbers and as long as its beating perfectly, i dont care what the numbers are:-)
my mom had my sister and i way back when, when they guessed by your heartbeat for you what you would most likely be having. and by my sisters (first born) heartbeat, they assured her it was a boy, they didnt really plan, b/c no one was sure back then, but my dad was pumped, only to find out in the delivery room... it was a girl! still madly in love with her as if she were his first born son, but still... thats hard for most guys:-)

had my little precious boy, Joshua John Jr., on Monday, July 3 at 2:21 pm. he was 7 lbs. 11 oz. and was 21 1/4 inches.
see more pictures on my myspace page: josh and jamee good
thank you Lord, for EVERYTHING!

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2/10/06 8:51 A

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My daughters heartbeat averaged between 140 and 153. With this one I have been as high as 160 and as low (the latest check) was 146...i have no idea what I am having.

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2/10/06 8:23 A

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my son's heart rate is usually between 155-162 so who knows..i don't really believe in the heart rate gender theories.


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2/10/06 1:56 A

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I went to my doc today and his hr was the begining of my prego it was lower in the 130's and I thought it was a girl bcus of that....but its just a old wives tale!

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2/9/06 10:52 P

It sounds like a girl to me!

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2/9/06 6:07 P

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I think it is a total myth. a girl i work with is pg with #3 and her boys (currnt pg and first pg) were higher than her girls.
My baby's hb was 146 last count and a friend having a girl is usually around 150.

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2/9/06 6:03 P

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It was true with DS but not this time around. We've been told it's a boy and the heart rate has always been in the 160's.

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Posts: 221
2/9/06 6:00 P

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I have heard all the wonderful tales about heartbeats. I felt from about 6 weeks prego. thatI was going to have a boy... then everytime an ultrasound or doppler was done the heartbeat was from 130 - 142 - so then I knew it was a boy... well, my 20 week u/s showed what I had thought - a boy!
I do still think it's kinda a myth - but always fun to guess!

It's a boy!!!!!
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Posts: 165
2/9/06 5:45 P

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I asked my nurse about this, and she said it's not true -- she said the baby's heartbeat can change depending on whether it is sleeping, resting, wiggling etc., so there's no way to know just by the heartbeat alone. All the same, my little girl almost always measures at exactly 140.

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Posts: 80
2/9/06 4:59 P

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Thanks ladies...I know it is probably/most likely bogus but it is fun to wonder!!!lol I guess I will just have to wait until June to find out!!!

It's a surprise!
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Posts: 197
2/9/06 4:45 P

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My baby is in th 160s and it is a pretty little girl... I dont know if the tale is true or not but I find it fun!!!

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2/9/06 4:28 P

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For a healthy fetal heartbeat it should be between 120 and 160 beats per minute, with that being said 140 would be right in the middle which is the usual case for most moms. Well everyone that I have known anyways I am sure it is often different for many. I believe that this theory is totally bogus a long with most of the other gender theories out there.

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2/9/06 4:20 P

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My midwives say it's bogus. But I really wanted to believe it! I have heard that if it's less than 140, it's definitely a boy. My mom and sister both say this was true with 7 pregnancies between them. I know now however that I'm having a boy, and his heartbeat was 156, 160, and "between 140 and 150" the three times I remembered to ask. Not that I have my ultrasound results, his heart rate has dropped to the 140 mark. They tell me that the baby's heart slows down a little as it grows. Anyway supposedly girls heart rates are very slightly higher than boys but not enough to determine the gender.

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2/9/06 4:16 P

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I'm having a girl and when I found out her hearbeat was 147 and I just had a check up today and it was 148.

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Posts: 80
2/9/06 4:12 P

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Has anyone heard about drs. saying that if the baby's heartbeat is quicker then its a girl and if it is slower it is a boy? I just heard my baby's hearbeat for the first time today (at 20 wks), and it was 146. It was soo exciting, and I wonder if it is a girl cause its so high. I don't want to find out though, but I have had a hunch lately that its a girl (not that I trust my baby intuition that much), but my hunny and I want a girl. Anyone know if the theory is bogus?????

It's a surprise!
Babies are the most wonderful miracles God could ever give us!

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