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can you ask to be induced??

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3/1/06 8:07 A

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You can certainly ask. I know many women who have been induced, with no issue.

All the best...

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3/1/06 8:05 A

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My group does not recommend it, but they will do it if you ask. Im still having contractions every 2-3 min and it's been like that for almost a week so I don't know that I'd turn down a shot of Pitocin right now. As of a week ago, Baby was engaged, dilation was 3 cm and I was 10% away from being completely effaced... contractions are just not strong enough. They hurt though.

For me, it's not a matter of being sick of pregnancy, just that I just feel like I'm not going to have any energy left for labor at this rate. This has been the most exhausting week of my life.

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3/1/06 12:22 A

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well im going in tomorrow so we'll see!!

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2/28/06 11:04 P

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I agree with the other ladies, having been induced twice both times for very vaild medical reasons (I was nearly 2 weeks overdue and babies heartbeat was looking sluggish, and with the second my BP got so bad that they were afraid I would have a stroke) I am kind of attached to the idea that the baby picks his or her own bithdate, and I never got the chance to say, "honey it's time!" I know these last few weeks are torture but pacience is a virtue.
Please keep in mind that inductions can be very agressive and that you are much more likely to need an episiotomy or have tearing with an induction because induced babies tend to come quickly.

Don't get me wrong I know how uncomfortable you all are (this baby is projected to be 7lbs and I am only 36 weeks!) but we have waited this long, whats a few more weeks?

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2/28/06 7:43 P

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I think I would be wary of induction for a number of reasons, foremost of which would be the inaccuracy of due dates. I mean, unless you're POSITIVE when you got pregnant, and know your due date is ultra-accurate, you could be as much as 2-3 weeks off the mark. My personal take is to avoid induction at all costs unless medically necessary, no matter how miserable I am right now (and I've got 39 days left to go!) Hang in there!

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2/28/06 7:37 P

Wait, wait...I wasn't judging anybody about being induced...up until like....4 days ago I'd never really heard of anybody being induced for other than medical reasons. Most doctors my friends/relatives have had experiences with wouldn't. Just curiousity. LOL. And besides, my 2 cents doesn't count for more than yours does!

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2/28/06 7:26 P

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There is a really good article I posted a while ago about beign induced. I don't want to cause upset, but there are many reasons that being induced for non medical reasons is bad. If you are interested in readin the article I will post it in the babyfit cafe. I know that epis can take away the pain for mom but contractions during an induction are VERY hardo on your baby, and there is nothing to give them to make it better. Just get the facts. I was sick and uncomfortable my last month too, but there are tons of natural ways (sex, nipple stimulation, and squats!!) to encourage your body to let the baby out. Good luck to all of your whatever you decide.

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2/28/06 7:09 P

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I know Andrea! I am with you! I am soooo tired of getting up from bed and walking to the bathroom like a 99 year old woman. My bp was slightly high yesterday and b/c my cervix was "ripened" he sent me home to rest until Thursday. Here's a question - what if cervix never ripens? I would ask, like everyone else says. Maybe next week he/she will if they feel you are ready. Good luck and here's hoping that we all feel better soon!


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2/28/06 5:31 P

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I asked my doctor about being induced and she said that we would wait and see as I got closer to my due date. At my childbirthing class, the instructor was a nurse herself and she told us that a lot of people ask to be induced "because they're just tired of being pregnant". I don't see where it hurts to ask.

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2/28/06 5:31 P

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I asked my doc about it today - because she's worried about my bp being a bit high, I said.."so, can we induce?" she said she doesn't like to induce first time moms unless the cervix is ripening, otherwise there could be complications. Soonest she would consider is 39 weeks. I know how you feel! I am as big as a house and the pain on my nether region is aweful.

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2/28/06 5:10 P

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Hey, all you can do is ask...if he says no, he says no.......

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2/28/06 5:06 P

I talked to my ob last week about "helping" me to go early due to a large, stuck first baby and he was all for it. At my appointment this week, however, he told me that his hands were tied because the hospital had NO DELIVERY ROOMS!! I live in Grand Junction, Colorado and they have not expanded the hospital for the growing population! It doesn't hurt to ask, and be honest. Tell him how uncomfortable you are.

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2/28/06 4:48 P

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I spoke with my Dr today about induction. We have set a date 2 weeks ahead of EDD. However, because it is 2 weeks ahead, we will need to do an amnio first to check that the lungs are mature enough. My first baby arrived 2 weeks early naturally, so I am hoping that this little fella makes his own early arrival without the need for the induction, though!

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2/28/06 4:04 P

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I mentioned induction because I've been sick every single night for the last 6 weeks and they said they'd consider possibly inducing a week ahead ... I've still got a ways to go though so we'll see!

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2/28/06 4:01 P

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My doctor and I decided to induce on March 9th. It really is the doctor's choice though. I don't see any reason not to if it is only a week or so before your due date.

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2/28/06 3:51 P

I complained about being uncomfy and you know what they told me??

"But dear, you're pregnant. You're supposed to be."

I question all these inductions going on. I thought they weren't supposed to happen unless there was a medical reason or you were past your due date. It seems like everyone wants them for convenience instead of necessity.

BabyFit Community Team
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2/28/06 3:24 P

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I talked to my dr about it and he said he would induce unless there was a medical reason or I was a week past my due date. Hopefully your dr will be more sympathetic.

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2/28/06 3:03 P

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I asked to day if we could set a date and dr told me no not unless there was a medical reason sorry!! But it cant hurt to ask your dr because all dr.s are diffrent. Good luck

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2/28/06 3:01 P

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My dr. said she will induce on March 9th, but no more than a week before due date. I just figure if I can make it that far whats another week?

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2/28/06 3:00 P

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You just have to talk to you OB about it, cause unless there is a special reason, such as baby is having trouble, maybe you live far from the hospital, they won't do it, but it does not hurt to ask. You never know.


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