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Bad taste in your mouth?

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8/16/05 11:10 A

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I tried with the mouthwash but still the bad taste lasts... Gum was a longer lasting solution but I have to change flavours. I just wonder if it lasts for the whole pregnancy or just the first trimester.

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8/16/05 10:47 A

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Thank God!! I'm not the only one! I hate it, hate it hate it. Your right it makes your food even not taste so good. (what food I can stomach) I probably almost brushed my teeth away! The mouthwash does help... but I stumbled onto eclipse mints they are pretty strong but they help too!

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8/16/05 7:11 A

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a friend of mine had this happen, she thought she was going nuts! she always had lolipops or popsickles on hand to combat it.

Susie, 34
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8/16/05 6:31 A

Any time I eat something I have this bad after taste for hours even if I brush my teeth of mouth wash or gum. Its so bad that if I drink water I get the bad taste also. I am glad to know I am not the only one.

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8/15/05 8:20 P

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I have a super nasty taste in my mouth all the time. It really just started about 2 weeks ago, i get heartburn really bad, so it could be that. My dentist also told me that since i have geographic tounge that i can get a bad taste in my mouth and all. I dunno it drives me nuts!!!

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8/15/05 4:36 P

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Now I know I'm not crazy. I would have my husband taste EVERYTHING because I thought it caused this horrible aftertaste.
Rinsing my mouth with mouthwash was the only thing that helped.

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8/15/05 2:55 P

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Yes for the last few days I have had a bitter/metallic taste in my mouth especially after eating. Sometimes during eating which makes eating hard and I just started getting my appetite back :)

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8/15/05 12:44 P

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I remember drinking my parents water, which is very pure well water, and commenting to my father that it had a metallic taste. A few days later I found out that many women experience a metallic or bitter taste during pregnancy. I was in my last trimester when it happened, so it must not be limited to any specific time in the pregnancy!

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8/15/05 12:31 P

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Yes! I do and have had my whole first trimester -- I hate it. I am due Feb. 14, 2006. And I have told my Dr. about she says it is nothing to worry about, but I would love to know what is going on....

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8/15/05 11:26 A

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Does anyone of you have a bad taste in her mouth, even after brushing your teeth or chewing gum?

I pray god to bless me with a healthy little angel
Due date: Feb 21, 2006
It's a GIRL!!!

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