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How much Pedialyte do I give per day?

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3/19/07 4:00 P

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Well NOW I had to ask my pharmacist because Nathan has a Diarreah spell and I stopped all dairy and he was accepting water but NO food, so the pharmacist recommended giving up to the smallest bottle on the shelf in one day--spreading the intake out throught the day.
Well hope that makes sense to you--I just want this diarreah to END!!!

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3/19/07 10:25 A

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My twins got the stomach flu just a few weeks back. we went through the exact same thing. I had to stop the dairy. I thing they need a lot of it when they're not eating well. My twins just wouldn't take it, I had to give them water and juice most of them time. I say if he likes it give him as much as he wants or whatever the recommended dosage on the bottle.


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3/19/07 10:24 A

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I lyssa was just sick with vomiting and then diarrhea and you supppose to let them sip on 6-8 oz of pedialyte every 1-4 hours as needed and this is according to the actually info on the pedialyte. I actually was giving Lyssa a little more, but only for the fear of dehydration.

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3/19/07 10:05 A

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we had something similar a while back. we stopped all milk and dairy. the nurse at the pedi office told us no apple juice, only pedialyte or white grape. we gave her both white grape juice and pedialyte, as much as she wanted but water down to 1/2 and 1/2. i also bought a small can of similac isomil formula, soy based formula to give her because i was worried about her not getting enough nutrients. once the bowel movements became almost normal for at least a whole day then we slowly started adding back normal foods and fluids.

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3/18/07 8:09 P

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I'm not sure how much Pedialyte is too much. I'm an RN in the ER and I've never had a doc or other RN say that there is a limit on how much pedialyte to give. Be careful with the apple juice. I know you water it down but apple juice can actually cause diarrhea to get worse.

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3/18/07 5:48 P

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Nicholas started with fever on Friday afternoon and still has a fever off an on ever since and has since developed diarreah and now has lost his appetite (wont eat anything). His doctor said that it is a reaction to his shots and should go away in a few days.

I was wondering how much Pedialyte I should give him daily? How much is too much? I am also giving his watered down apple juice because he really likes it and I need to keep him hydrated. I was told to stop all dairy so I am not giving him his milk for now.

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