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Sour smell from his ear! What is it??

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1/24/07 10:36 P

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I'm not sure what's going on with Tommy's ears but tonight after his bath I noticed his ears smell. He doesn't seem to have any discharge or pain and he doesn't rub his ears.
Any idea what could it be? Could it be ear infection even though he doesn't have any ear wax or pain showing?

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1/16/07 1:05 P

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Well we took him to the doctor yesterday and he got checked out and the diagnosis was ear wax.

No ear infection thank God. She said his ears are clear. He just has ear wax and it can get smelly. She said to just clean the outside of the ear (not the ear canal) with a q-tip and alcohol and the rest will go away by itself.

At night when we give him baths my husband filled his tub up with a little extra warm water so when he was soaking in it a little warm water and soap would soak into his ears and this seemed to help.

Nicholas was born February 28, 2006!

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1/14/07 10:53 P

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Actually I kept thinking my son was having the same problem, it always seemed like his ear started smelling within hours of giving him a bath and cleaning it out. What I actually found was that since he's been teething he's been drooling a lot more and when he sleeps in his crib (naps and bedtime) the sheets must get wet from the drool and his head sits in it, causing the smell. Once I change the sheets the smell usually goes away for a day or two and then returns until I change the sheets again. So, basically I have to change his sheets every 2-3 days but it's solved the problem. Hope it helps!

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1/13/07 10:22 P

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Our son generally has a lot of ear wax, and we found that it does have a bad smell. He generally resists us cleaning his ears and I am not trying to clean inside further than what I can get with a washcloth/finger wipe. I suspected several times an ear infection but our doctor told us every time that his ears were just fine. So we just accepted the fact that as long as there some ear wax in his ear that he will have smelly ears (LOL).

Btw. ear was is has antibacterial properties so it is actually good that your son has it. It protects his ears, at least from outside things.

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1/13/07 8:41 P

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i have no idea. but you could try asking a pharmacist...usually walgreens or cvs etc is always open.

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1/13/07 5:26 P

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This morning I noticed a ton of ear wax in Nicholas's ears. One side had so much that it was blocking the hole into his ear! Anyway, then I noticed a strong sour odor from his ear also.

Now I am not sure if that is a sign of an ear infection or is it from the ear wax?? He is not showing any signs of pain in the ears right now.

He has been teething since last week though and has pulls on his ear from time to time and this morning he stuck his finger in his ear. But the teething pains he has been having make it difficult for us to see if he has ear pains since they are similar symptoms.

Does anyone know what the odor could be from?? We cant really do anything until Tuesday since it is a long weekend. I am planning on taking him to the doc then. But until then I will drive myself nuts wondering what is causing this??

Nicholas was born February 28, 2006!

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