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OPK's as HPT's

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2/15/07 12:45 P

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Exactly, the line on the OPK would need to be dark to indicate possible pregnancy, and even then it is not 100% as some women can sometimes have 2 lh surges, . . . from what I have read though it will take longer for a pregnancy to really show on an opk than on an early preg test as OPKs are designed to NOT be sensative.

My advice, buy cheap tests from and just use them as much as you want . . . lol I would start testing with them at like 7 dpo and got my bfp 9 dpo . . .

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2/15/07 2:59 A

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now i am a poas addict - fully graduated in that sector - *grin* unfortunately where i live there is no such thing as cheap hpt - so to save $$$$ i normally test on opk's - they are cheaper and somehow not seeing a second line during the 2 ww is not so disappointing bec at the back of the mind you know that there is always the possibility of getting a positive with an hpt

having said this i always got a second line on opk when i was pregnant and always got a negative when i was not - however if you search opk's as htps on the bf search engine there are several topics on this subject - and not everyone who gets a second line on an opk necessarily is pregnant - good luck - worth a try just for kicks

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2/15/07 2:22 A

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Interesting. Learn something new every day!

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2/14/07 4:19 P

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Stephanie, I've never tested after O with OPKs but I think its possible to have a light line.

If you get a dark line, then its possible you are pg.

For more info on using OPKs as and HPT (and yes, you can do it)
check out:

Lots of great info!

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2/14/07 4:08 P

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As far as I know, an OPK does not detect pregnancy.

HCG, which is what HPT's pick up, usually is not present in your system unless you are pregnant.

LH, which is what the OPK's test, is always present in your system in a very low amount. It spikes real high just before ovulation, and then goes back down. The OPK's are designed to find your LH surge to predict ovulation within the next 24-36 hours. They do not test for HCG.

Me - Diane - 31
Husband - Joe - 31
Caden Luke - 3/31/2010
Lovebirds - Asha, Amani, & Kiwi
Cape Parrot - Cooper Gray
Cat - Aspen

BFP on Saturday, July 25, 2009 after 2 rounds of injectables and 5 rounds of Clomid. 6 years trying!

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2/14/07 3:51 P

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I think I read that Draco did this but I'm not sure if its a reliable indication of being pg or not. Try and find her journal or something, I'm sure that is where I read that!!

Let us know what you find out!!


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2/14/07 1:08 P

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When you use a OPK as a HPT does the line have to be dark or just there to indicate *possible* pregnancy?

After O, does LH show up on a OPK at all?

Anyone have experience with this?


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