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is decaf coffee ok??

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11/15/06 8:32 A

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I recently experienced my pressure dropping and became dizzy. On Monday when I went to see my doctor he told me whenever that happens to drink soda or drink a cup of coffee. I have read and heard as long as you don't exaggerate it will not affect anything.

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11/14/06 11:25 P

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I have read several articles in magazines, and even in the book given to me by my ob's office.

All have stated that caffeine is harmless unless you drink more than the amount that equals to 7 coca cola can's; Which is alot! So if you are having headaches from caffeine withdrawl, it is probably safer to drink the caffeine vs. the decaf with all the dangerous chemicals.

I eat a piece of choclate to help with my headaches. :)

Ms. C Piazza
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11/13/06 3:13 P

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I haven't been that fond of coffee anyways...but it's nice to know about decaf.

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9/5/06 3:06 A

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Since I became pregnant I'd started drinking only decaf coffee, but then people would tell me that decaf is even bad. Now I'm reading about this "Chemical" thing in decaf being fairly dangerous. I really want to drink my "decaf" cappuccino but I'm really afraid. Should I be? Do you think that a cup a day would harm my baby's heart. I even stopped drinking completely (which of course is common sense)but I was told that a little "Red wine" every blue moon wouldn't hurt. But I even became leary of that so I stopped that as well. Am I just a worry wort and paniking (mainly about the decaf coffee & cappuccino?

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5/23/06 12:19 P

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Before I was pregnant I was a coffee junkie. Now I can't even smell it without wanting to throw up. I really hope the feeling goes away soon!

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5/22/06 2:27 P

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I love drinking coffe but when I found out that I was pregnant I cut it out of my diet now I am 28 weeks and I just started to drink Decaffe coffe. (One to two cups a day) I love coffe and the smell of it. My husband drinks it every morrning so it was hard not to have a cup. so I bout my own instant coffe now I am worried about if Decaffe is bad for my baby?? Maybe I will stop drinking it tell after I have him!!

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5/16/06 10:47 P

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I wouldn't always trust the doctor... my doctor for my 3rd child said smoking weed is okay! Yeah my baby turned out just fine but just think....

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2/20/06 3:41 P

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I read somewhere (and I don't remember where...sorry) that eating an apple in the morning is more effective than having a cup of coffee...some thing about the natural sugars in an apple having a similar effect as the caffine in coffee!

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12/4/05 3:53 P

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I drink some decaf too. I love the smell. I'm sensitive to caffeine and the decaf doesn't raise my heart rate like I can feel the regular stuff do. I used to drink coffee coffee coffee, when I got pregnant to wean myself off I switched to black tea with a little less caffeine then half and cup and then none. I knew if I went cold turkey I'd get a massive headache. In a very short time I was caffeine free.

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12/4/05 2:30 A

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did u know that if you go to a natural shop u can get coffe without cafeine wich is in reality cereal.. my husband drinks this and it's really good he says.. ( i just don't liek coffe) maybe u should give it a go..



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12/2/05 4:18 P

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BabyFit has an article on this:

GARNAUGHTY, what's your source on the chemicals-in-decaf thing? No point getting worried about something like that if it turns out to be an unfounded rumour (which lots of "so-and-so told me that whatsername said..." stuff turns out to be).

I found one useful article on how decaffeination works:

According to that, chemical solvents are used in one common decaffeination process, but are mostly reclaimed during the process, and remaining traces burned off when the beans are roasted. No word on whether the chemicals involved are "harmful" (and even if they are, that's not necessarily an indication that they should be avoided: dihydrogen monoxide causes thousands of deaths a year, but I wouldn't recommend removing it from your diet). Either way, they won't be present in your cup o' decaf.

By the way, all brewed coffee, decaf or not, is composed mostly of dihydrogen monoxide. Also tea, chai and Pepsi. I can safely say that there is not a single caffeinated beverage out there that does not contain MORE dihydrogen monoxide than caffeine, or any other ingredient!

For more information:

So, um, whatever you do, don't, y'know, BREATHE the stuff. ;)

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12/2/05 1:22 P

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I stopped drinking coffee as soon as I found out I was pregnant, but I drink tea, Chai tea or a Pepsi once in a while. I am about 12 weeks. Is that okay or should I cut it out all together? I am so tired all the time, and I used to drink about a pot of coffee a day. Please help.

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11/28/05 2:43 P

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This is sorta on the same topic.
I am not a coffee drinker, but just last week (Before I found out) I started drinking an occasional Instant cappuccino in Skim milk. Just for a nice hot treat. I just don't know if there is much caffine in it or not. The container does not say.

Should I just forget this treat and wait till Aug to have it again????


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11/28/05 10:53 A

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No research studies have shown any danger to decaf coffee...2-3 cups daily should be fine.
Becky, BF dietitian

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11/28/05 9:53 A

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I think decaf is okay, in moderation in the 1st trimester but it should be all right during the rest of the pregnancy

~ Bethany
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11/26/05 5:26 P

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I am the same way!!!

I am a coffee addict, but I have switched it over entirely to organic decaf... now (being the neurotic pregnant woman that I am ) I am concerned if decaf is something I should cut back on too... I am interested in finding an answer! How much is "too much"?!

-Shellie :)

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7/14/05 8:41 P

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And still get plenty of good old H2O (water)
Becky, BF dietitian

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7/14/05 11:07 A

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As long as it's decaf - it's fine. I did the same thing and switched to decaf, but I can't drink it at all right now. My baby is rejecting everything!

I would, however, watch your sugar intake, if you put sugar in your coffee. Otherwise, you are fine.

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7/13/05 11:30 P

i have pretty much cut out caffeine, but i still LOVE my coffee. is decaf okay?? i drink up to 3-4 cups a day.

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