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Is Subway Safe?

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9/26/06 10:33 A

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Tabitha, I believe the FDA has been warning moms-to-be against deli meats due to the risk if Listeria infection since the 80's. Listeria has always been a risk, but with increased production of these types of food and wider distribution, the risk has been increased over the years. It is simply due to the fact that these products are easily contaminationed and much more accessible that you've been only hearing it more recently.

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9/24/06 4:37 P

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i get the turkey breast sandwhich from subway all the time :)

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9/21/06 1:34 P

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Has this always been a rule during pregnancy? It seems there are too many things to remember! How long have they been saying not to eat deli meat because of listeria???????

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9/15/06 11:10 A

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Avoid all deli meats unless COOKED to steaming hot!

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9/12/06 1:24 P

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My docotr told me the other day that as long as it wasn't compressed meat it it ok. He said turkey breast comes from the actual turkey so it would be ok. He also told me beef hot dogs are good but as long as it is cooked it is ok. My friends doctor on the other hand told her it is ok as long as it is eaten in moderation. How confusing!

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9/11/06 9:33 P

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These meats need to be heated to steamy hot to kill the germ, listeria. This is a cold-loving bacteria, that lives and multiples at refrigerator temps and can harm the fetus, during pregnancy. More on this topic in the nutrition resource center.

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9/11/06 9:12 P

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I agree to just ask them to microwave the meat to a steaming hot before they put it on your sub. That's what I do. You should heat all deli meat before eating it during pregnancy, even stuff you buy at the deli, grocery stores. I just put it in the microwave, heat it and let it cool then it's alread preheated next time I want to eat it.
It's because if the risk of listerosis

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9/11/06 8:42 P

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Subway is one of my cravings right now.....and from what I have been told, and read here on Babyfit (I asked this question in the Eating Right For Two section a while ago) that Subway IS safe as long as the meat is heated to steamy hot. I think that the steamy hot thing applies to all deli meats....stuff bought pre-packaged at the store, stuff bought fresh from the deli, at at restaurants as well. I just ask them to microwave the meat before putting it on my the time I get home to eat it it has cooled down and is just as good.

Good luck!

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