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whats attached to the inside of my belly button?

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4/27/08 4:31 P

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I get kind of a strange pain there at times too and I figured it was just everything stretching and moving....

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4/27/08 1:51 P

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My skin is like paper thin around my belly button (or at least where my belly button used to be before it disappeared!)

It is definitely more tender there when the baby rolls a foot or whatever across it.

I have read though that the baby sometimes can pull on his/her own umbilical cord and can feel like a tugging sensation.

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4/26/08 8:45 P

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I hate it when baby tugs or pushes on the area around the belly button, it is not a pleasant feeling by any means....... LOL. Weird feeling really!

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Posts: 788
4/26/08 8:55 A

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I haven't gotten any strange feeling in my belly button, but DH keeps sticking his finger in because he says it feels different and weird in there. (Yea, I know, my DH is a strange man)

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4/25/08 11:03 P

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There's nothing attached on the inside of your belly button. The umbilical cord you had when you were a fetus is gone and your baby's umbilical cord is attached to the placenta, not to your belly button. It probably just feels that way because your skin is gathered right at your belly button and will pull tighter as you grow. There's nothing there that the baby would be able to pull on. The baby is inside the placenta inside your uterus, so they can't pull on anything at your belly button.

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Posts: 378
4/25/08 3:34 P

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I basically just feel the LO moving around and up against my belly button just like she does everywhere else inside there.

I'm afraid to stick my finger in there. My belly button is really deep! It's really creepy. I could probably fit a silver dollar in there!

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4/25/08 2:33 P

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I think the sensation in that area is just different from the rest of our abdominal wall cavity! So therefore when the baby touches us or is laying against our belly button it feels different than if she/he were laying against the side of our abdominal wall.

Take your finger inside your belly button and wiggle it, that tingling/sting sensation is what you are feeling... Right?

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Posts: 1084
4/25/08 1:45 P

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Our belly-button or umbilicus was once our attachment to our mothers when we were still inside their womb. The umbilical cord served as a connection from the placenta to the mother.It is neither connected to the stomach nor to the intestines.If you try to explore it, it is closed with no opening or connection to our insides, therefore, its just a 'wall' otherwise it would be an abnormal condition if it has connections with our insides

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4/25/08 12:35 P

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I get that once in a while too. I just take that as a sign as the baby wanting to eat. LOL.

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Posts: 55
4/25/08 12:25 P

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That's funny I have felt that bit of tugging too! I just ignored it before, but now I am curious!!!

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Posts: 2774
4/25/08 12:15 P

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my sis thinks maybe it's my umbilical cord attached to my own stomach but it doesn't do anything because it hasn't been needed since I was born...she thinks maybe the fact that the baby is now taking up space that sometimes it's just getting squashed and feels like tugging...

I really don't know but something is tugging on something in there!

BabyFit Community Team

Smally xx

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Posts: 6162
4/25/08 12:01 P

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Your umbilical cord is not attached to the baby. Nothing is attached to your belly button.


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4/25/08 11:45 A

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I don't think there? I know if I stick my finger in my belly button the baby sometimes moves around. But I also have a belly button that you can hide contraband in. My husband keeps saying we should ask the OB if someone can do a plastic surgery reconstruction of it after birth...jerk!

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Posts: 2774
4/25/08 11:11 A

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Is there something attached to the inside of my belly button? I sometimes get a tugging feeling (like little one is pulling it from the inside!).

Sometimes it can feel quite uncomfortable and a teeny bit painful...

BabyFit Community Team

Smally xx

Kiss - 25th July 2008, 4.47pm, 7lbs, 20 inches

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