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10/5/05 2:23 P

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Impetigo is not fun. I had that in high school after getting a facial from a Mary Kay rep. I guess she didn't wash her towels very well.

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10/5/05 1:07 P

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With impetigo you have to actually come in contact with the fluid from the sores or contaminated clothing to contract it.

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10/5/05 1:05 P

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Here is what I found on the subject: Sorry so long....

How do I identify Infantigo?"
It appears on the skin as rash, it is red and itchy, sometimes it comes with blisters or a crust. Patches of oozing blisters can break open exposing moist skin which then crusts over. It can appear anywhere on the body but is most likely to appear in exposed areas, arms, legs, face and hands.

"What is infantigo? "
It is an infection on the surface of the skin caused by the Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacteria. It shows as a skin rash with blisters.

"Who gets infantigo? "
Mostly people contract the disease through contact with others who have it. It can also spread through the sharing of towels, bedding, linnen, toiletries clothing and other personal items that have come into contact with an infected person. Anyone can get infantigo as it is highly contagious however it is more common in children. Cuts or abrasions on the skin make one more susceptible to an infection.

"What to do about infantigo. "
As with any disorder there are differing schools of thought when it comes to treating your infantigo from herbalist remedies to western medicine. In mild cases regular washing with mild soap and clean water can clear up the infection. Children should be kept home from school until the infection clears up.

"Herbal preparations that may help. "
Beneficial Dietary Supplements Goldenseal dries up and speeds healing of impetigo sores. Calendula soothes and disinfects the skin. Grapefruit Seed Extract has antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties. Tea Tree Oil has strong anti fungal and antibacterial properties. Garlic detoxifies the body. Echinacea and Goldenseal, used in combination, soothes mucus membranes. Dermisil is a proprietary brand that claims to help.

"How to avoid infantigo. "
Hygiene and a clean environment will help avoid infantigo infections. If someone in your household becomes infected everyone should take extra care to avoid spreading the infection. This includes using fresh towels at every use, not sharing bedding and laundering the infected person's laundry separately.

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10/5/05 1:02 P

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Ok I want to slap this woman, but one of the wives of the guys here at work brought their son in yesterday who has infantigo KNOWING that I am PG. Can I catch it from him, and what about the father. I am around him all day could he carry the germ for it to and pass iton to me?

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