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Semen or Mucous Plug

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12/23/06 7:31 P

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I never really saw a mucous plug. I just had some bloody show. Some of it was brown and looked like someone had tossed some sand into the toilet (sorry, tmi).

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12/21/06 9:43 A

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Thank you all for your descriptions...

To explain the semen thing to Michelle: I was told that my mucus plug would look like snot (think blowing your nose), and after my husband and I have sex, it takes a while for my body to eject all that he's left behind (sorry for such a graphic visual), and by the time it's all vacating the premises, it looks like snot...

Yesterday I had an exam and the doctor told me I was 2 cm dilated... today, I started to lose my plug... I've had two bits of it on tp so far this morning... I knew exactly what it was... looks like a loogie like one woman put it...

Thanks for the descriptions... I appreciate it.


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12/20/06 7:56 P

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All through out my pregnancy I was wondering if I would be able to tell when I lost my plug and let me just say I definitly knew when I lost it. Yucky or at least mine was but on the other side I was so excited when I lost it.

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12/20/06 7:40 P

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MICHELLE979: It's a thick "plug" of mucous that is in your cervix that protects it from infection (something like that).
When your body starts getting ready to have the baby you lose your "plug" either a little at a time or the whole thing. I'm not sure if it starts to come out because your cervix starts opening, but it COULD be a sign of the beginning of labor. I stress could because like some of the PP said itcould be weeks after you lose it that you go into labor or it can be the next day.

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12/20/06 5:56 P

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Please forgive me, but WHAT ON EARTH IS A MUCOUS PLUG???? I don't think I want one!! lol and HOWW Could it Possibly be mistaken for your husbands ejaculate?? And what would that still be doing up there anyway??? I'M so totally naieve and confused!! lol

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12/20/06 12:14 P

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What does the mucous plug look like?

Some women describe the mucous plug as looking more like the mucous in your nose. It may look like a thick glob of stringy mucous, thicker than what you would see with normal vaginal secretions. If you are close to going into labor you may see pink, brown, or red blood around the edges of the mucous plug. This is called the “bloody show”.

When do you lose your mucous plug?

Some women will lose their mucous plug or part of their mucous plug weeks before they go into labor. Losing your mucous plug does not always mean labor will begin shortly. Keep in mind that even if a woman has begun to dilate, it may be weeks before she actually goes into labor. However, if you notice blood tinged mucous before your thirty-sixth week of pregnancy, notify your doctor right away. As your body prepares for labor your cervix will begin to dilate and thin. As your cervix opens up, your mucous plug may fall out. Losing your mucous plug is a good sign that labor is on its way. Though, it could be days or even weeks after you lose your mucous plug before labor actually starts. Many women do not lose their mucous plug at one time; instead, they lose it more gradually. They may notice an increase in vaginal secretions weeks before they go into labor.

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12/19/06 3:33 P

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Agree with PP that it is like snot. It's like you have a bad sinus infection. Color can vary between clear, yellow, brown, red, pink. You might lose it all at once or it can be over time. Hope that helps.

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12/19/06 3:27 P

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A mucus plug may be clear, slightly pink or blood tinged in color. It may be stringy mucus or sticky discharge. Some women may not even notice the loss of their mucus plug because there is already an increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy.

Take Care,

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12/18/06 5:34 P

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Well put hollydays lol for somereason I found the consistency comparison ther funny

My plug was different with all three of my kids, so lets just say, you will know the difference.

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12/18/06 1:37 P

you wont confuse it for semen, believe me.

even if it breaks up and only partially comes out, it is a huge glop of mucus, think nose here, that comes out all bunched together.

it might be colored different from person to person, but it def has the consistency of snot.

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12/18/06 12:51 P

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Ok, us girls in Jan 07 board are confused... we've heard conflicting info on what our mucous plus is supposed to look like...

Some were told no color, some were told yellow, some were told pink/red, some were told brown...

Our biggest question is how to determine if it's our mucous plug or residual semen from a sexual encounter with our DH's...

Can someone who knows please help us out?? Many of us are 1st timers and those that are 2nd or 3rd timers can't seem to remember....

Thanks a bunch!!


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You think you love someone with all your heart,
then you have a child and realize you had no idea
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