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Baby pushing on cervix..

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12/30/07 10:56 A

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I have this too...and a lot! It feels like the baby is doing head spins on my cervix!! Anything that will help though. I'm 3cm and over 50% effaced...soft and my cervix has dropped. Any day now...

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12/7/06 1:17 P

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I feel his little head rubbing and bumping all the time lately, and I'm definately progressing. 80% and 2cm already. It's not to the point that it's very painful, but it does make me jump every once and a while b/c it's an awkward feeling and sudden sometimes.

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12/7/06 9:12 A

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Mine was all about doing that all last week and not much since :( She's given up!!! I feel like she will pretty much never come on her own!

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12/7/06 4:08 A

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hmmm.... did I mention she was doing this RIGHT NOW!?!?!?

What about the fact that it hurts like crap?!?!?

-Katie S.

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*Pray for Kaleb*

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12/7/06 2:28 A

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The pressure from the baby can definitely help to open you up. That's why so many women with twins go into labor early because the pressure from the babies on the cervix causes them to dilate early. I don't know how much pressure you need to have to open up but if the baby is really putting some pressure on your cervix it probably is doing something.

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12/7/06 2:23 A

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I've been having the same thing. It's usually followed by a bout of contractions, so I'm hoping it's helping things along! Saw the dr today and he said baby is very low and engaged, but he won't do internals until 39 weeks unless something's wrong. He said the contractions I'm getting afterwards are false labor, except it's not really false labor, it's like early early labor that's helping soften/dialate the cervix and the baby's head pushing down on the cervix makes it dialate.

Sooo painful but worth it if it's gonna get things moving!

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Posts: 55
12/6/06 9:22 P

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I actually had to stop and catch my breath because of this pain while leaving DD daycare this morning. A man actually stopped and asked me if it was time. It really hurts!

Posts: 412
12/6/06 7:32 P

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This is totally happening to me. It's driving me nuts!


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12/6/06 4:11 P

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So I'm no Dr and really I don't KNOW (ha ha what help am I huh?) but it sounds like a great idea. I would like to think that the pressure is softening the cervex. And if I recall correctly (I seem to be forgetting EVERYTHING lately) I think my dr did tell me that yesterday. Because I have been experiencing that pain and I am 50% effaced she said.
Do you know your progress?

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12/6/06 4:09 P

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oh my gosh yes! That is the worst! Very painful! I hope it is helping you along!

It's a BOY!!

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12/6/06 3:53 P

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So for like almost 2 hours now my baby has been pretty much non stop pushing on my cervix. I wouldn't call it contractions, but man does it hurt! Does this help soften the cervix?
By my next appt (on Friday) there better be some progress for how much pain it is!!!
Is this happening to anyone else?


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