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How much Tylenol???

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1/16/07 3:57 P

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Lindy, I think Kelly's right -- infant motrin.

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1/16/07 3:18 P

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at 12 1/2 lb I had given Aiden .8

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1/16/07 3:02 P

Lindy I'm pretty sure she was talking about infant Motrin.

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1/16/07 2:59 P

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Does anyone know if the Motrin that Julie is talking about here is the Children's Motrin, or if it is Infant? I am snowed in, and Cailyn got her shots yesterday, and of course I am out of Tylenol. I have Children's Motrin, but don't want to give it to her if it isn't okay.

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12/15/06 3:14 A

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Kelly how much cereal do you give your son? i was thinking of giving my little girl some because she keeps being sick.

I am in the UK and the say now that were not to give any solids until 6 months ( YEAH RIGHT).

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12/14/06 8:41 P

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Julie - thank you so much for the information! I often refer to the Dr. Sears website or his book but I think your post was even more informative! :) I copied it and saved it to my computer.

I always struggle with dosing questions in the middle of the night...when the box says "consult a doctor". Well, it wasn't until recently that I realized that you can call an all night pharmacy to get this information. Just a tip to new mommies!

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12/14/06 7:29 P

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...and Drs cover themselves by not recommending it too. Lovely how lawyers run the world.

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12/14/06 5:43 P

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Since Motrin goes through the kidney - some kids have undiagnosed renal problems - so Motrin (ibuprofen) manufacturers didn't want to deal with this - so they only got FDA approval for 6 mos and up.

Technically then using ibuprofen for less than 6 mos old is "off label" usage.


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12/14/06 9:16 A

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Mackenzie turned a month old yesterday and she was also 11 pounds! Pretty good for a breastfed baby.. (til Saturday anyway)

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12/14/06 9:10 A

I know he is a piggy! 5 ounces every 3 hours. And I have been giving him a little cereal in his bottle at night.

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12/14/06 8:42 A

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Wow kelly, thats a really good weight gain for your baby!

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12/14/06 8:17 A

Thanks Julie! I like motrin better but all I had was tylenol. But it did the trick. Even though I should of given him more because he is an 11 lb piggy!

Great advice though!! I was aware that you can take tylenol and motrin together. I did that with Zach when he had Roseolla. But to new moms that is great!!

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12/13/06 9:21 P

Sarah you are right. .4ml in the dropper up to 11lbs. Then I believe you up it to .8ml in the dropper. Thanks girls!!

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12/13/06 8:00 P

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call the advice nurse...

sorry, i have no idea.

maybe julie will log on soon. perhaps you could address the question directly to her, in a new thread...?

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12/13/06 7:52 P

Matt hasn't had his shots yet, but I looked up Kaitlyn's shots paper from her first and I had written down that she could have to the 0.4 mark on the dropper of infant tylenol. She was 6 weeks old and 10 pounds. That was almost 4 years ago...but I wouldn't think it would change.

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12/13/06 6:37 P

Nicolas had a shot today and I want to give him some tylenol. I forgot to ask the doctor. He is 11 lbs and 1 month. Does anyone know?

Julie are you on here??

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