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Huggies "Pure and Natural"?

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12/3/09 10:47 A

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We started out with NBC diapers, and they were too bulky, stiff and cut into my daughters sides...and we had the right size. So we switched to 7th Gen. and we won't go back...they're awesome.

We used Huggies All Natural once when we ran out of 7th Gen and they gave my daughter THE worst diaper rash. So I totally agree with the PP, they're a gimmick.

We buy in bulk from


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11/28/09 6:31 P

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Probably too late for the OP, but I think if you read between the lines, Huggies Pure & Natural are a gimmick. The website has virtually no information. When you look at the product info page, it says that organic cotton is "included" in the outer cover. That leads me to believe that nonorganic cotton is used in the interior of the diaper. Also, if they were using unbleached cotton and were chlorine free, you can bet they'd be tootin' their horns about it.

BWSS - Bummis Super Whisper Wraps (a brand of covers)
AIOs - all in ones (cloth diaper that incorporates the cover and diaper into one. most like a disposable)
PP - previous poster
OP - original poster
prefolds - old school cloth diapers. For more info see:


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BabyFit Community Team
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11/25/09 2:21 P

whoa... I'm having an acronym meltdown...

I'm interested in switching to cloth diapers, so could you please decode this posting for me and explain what all these acronyms are? I would really appreciate it because I have no idea what kind of cloth diapers to use...

What are prefolds?

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11/10/09 6:59 A

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I'm not real sure but you would think if they WERE "unbleached or chlorine free" they'd advertise that fact as well, you know?

If you don't find the answers you are looking for here, you might want to check this diapering forum, I bet those ladies might know:

To the PP who saying to go to cloth diapers.. I thought the OP IS asking about cloth... I could be mistaken. IT sounded that way from the question but I've never used this particular brand so I don't know. I think I used bummi's as one of my cloth diaper brands. (I Later used Fuzzibuns) I also used Luv's disposables


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10/28/09 4:16 A

Is there any reason you're not just diving right in with cloth? If you're worried about cost, just start off with prefolds. They're very affordable and won't cost much more than a couple bags of disposables, especially when you consider the cost of 7th gen.

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10/26/09 9:36 P

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I don't know honestly. They are as pricey as the 7th Gen so I never tried them. Amazon's subscribe and save offers 7th Gen for WAY less expensive than the stores- do check it out. I think they come to about $9 a pack from there. You can change your subscription as you see fit so don't feel locked into getting them monthly or whatever. Sometimes we need 2 cases a month and sometimes we need one every other month. There is no penalty to change it. Shipping is free and comes the next day. I have never had to make an emergency diaper run in my 3+ years of using them.

I wanted to make sure you did know 7th Gen's diaper are DYED- that's why they are brown? That might cause problems with your little one if he or she is as sensitive as you. THey are also made out of plastic.

You might want to try Nature Baby Care- they are the only plastic free, no die, no chlorine diapers I am aware of (besides Tushees $$$). has them for a fairly decent price per case and some Targets carry them. Mine don't- of course. ;)

The 7th Gens diapers are very bulky and not at all contoured for the first 2-3 sizes. I recommend going the NBC route for the first couple of months and switching later. That will get you through the very first days of the LO's life without dyes, plastic, or chlorine- you'll have diapers with a good fit. Later on you can try out the 7th Gen or whatever and see how that goes. It might save you some money. Anyway that's what we did and while i wish I could go NBC the whole way we just can't afford it.

Good luck!

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9/19/09 10:33 P

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I am 33 weeks pregnant and we've been preparing for our little man. I registered for chlorine-free disposable diapers for him as a newborn and would like to transition into cloth. Although Seventh Generation diapers are available at one of the grocery stores nearby, the closest place -for emergency runs?- only has the Huggies "pure and natural". They say they're made from organic cotton, but it does not say that the cotton is unbleached or chlorine free. If something says "organic cotton" is it safe to assume the latter about it or is this what I suspect it to be: a marketing ploy? I didn't want to get lost in deceptive marketing, but I understand "organic cotton" to be organically grown. Does the designation also apply to the way the cotton is used after it is harvested?

I used to have problems with UTI's and irritation as a little one and I jsut wanted to do my best to pick things for our son that wouldn't contribute to any of that.


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