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Are baby Bjorn Types safe??

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2/10/07 1:26 P

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I learned that carriers with legs dagling before trunk muscles are developed can increase risk of spondilolithesis. (fracture or damamge to lumbar vertebra)

Unfortunatly, I learned this after DD practially LIVED in a carrier. For DS we used the moby wrap in the cradle hold or with legs tucked in and it was AWESOME!! Not that he is a bit older his legs do dangle but we are concious of not leaving him in there too long...(though I think he would spend all day in the moby if he could!

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2/3/07 10:12 P

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I have an Ergo and love it! I definitely recommend it if your dh will only wear something like a Bjorn because it looks somewhat similar to a Bjorn. It's the best thing ever.
I did use a Moby Wrap when DS was an infant, though. It's so cozy for them in the little pouch.

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2/3/07 8:37 A

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Coming from a physical therapists point of view, I shudder every time I see one. They put so much load on a developing spine and pelvis because there is about 2 inches of support from the fabric between the legs. The Ergo spreads the body's weight over the butt like sitting in a chair. Also the baby sits lower which is more in line with mom's center of gravity. I tried a Bjorn with my son and at 3 months, he was already too chubby to fit in the leg holes. I own an Ergo and a Maya Wrap and carried him all the time in the Maya till 9 mos then the Ergo till now. I can wear him in the Ergo at 30 lbs now for hours. If you buy the infant insert, the Ergo can go from newborn to 40 lbs. It is really the most ergonomic, "structured", dad-proof baby carrier. Good luck!

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2/2/07 1:22 P

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Ergo or MaiTai would be a better choice for mom and baby. The way baby hangs in the Bjorn is hard on baby and mom!

I have the Moby wrap, and it does take practice to put on, but I got the hang of it. The instruction book has pictures and makes it easy. There is a picture of the front carry on my baby page.

DH says he'll wear the Bjorn, so I have kept it around, but he hasn't yet.

My daughter and I used the Bjorn without problems, too. The spine problems are a maybe only. You won't be doing any harm in using it for quick trips where you need to put it on fast.

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2/1/07 7:17 P

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If you do use them, put a towel beneath the bottom and kind of roll their bottoms under, sot hey are not putting as much pressure. I was broke when I had my daughter and recieved a snugli for free and did what I just described above and we did fine with it. She was comfy, actually,I was just aching from the horrible straps. I would go the wrap or pouch route if given the choice. Don't be too intimidated, they are easy to get the hang of.

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2/1/07 7:02 P

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there are a lot of studies out there showing baby bjorn's are just not good as far as development of the pelvis region of a child. it apparently puts a lot of pressure down there and chiropractors hate them. it's difficult to say what the long term damage might be, but i'm just not going to use one. plus, i would prefer having my child in a sling so the rest of the world can't touch my baby all the time! the slings don't put a lot of pressure on the baby's bone structure. search the internet and see what's out there. as for me, i'm going with a cool hip sling that is a lot more versatile.

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2/1/07 6:26 P

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That's true: the Baby Bjorn is not as versatile as some of the others, but the good thing about it is that there is no guesswork on putting it together safely. I have admired the other wraps from afar, but felt unequal to the task of learning to safely secure my child to me, so the Bjorn was the right answer for me!

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2/1/07 4:51 P

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I use one, never had any problems with it. It was given to me, if I had to buy one though I would go for a Moby Wrap, it does many differnt things, you can use it as a sling or on your back, side, there's a wrap to do something similar to the bjorn hold too.

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2/1/07 2:27 P

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I remember reading a post here a while back saying they way they are carried in them is not safe (I believe it was the feet dangling?!?!) But are they safe at all and people misuse them or are the just not safe?? DH feels more comfortable with that type of carrier... but if they are totaly unsafe then I'll get him to use a pouch or something else.

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